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Following your week at ECRC, you will be sent to Technical and/or Basic Combat Skills Training at one of the ECRC-designated Army installations. This training lasts anywhere from three to forty weeks, depending on your mission. U.S. Navy personnel are subject to the specific rules and guidance set in place at U.S. Army installations as well as standard Navy rules and regulations.

All IA Sailors receive basic combat skills training which is conducted by Army Drill Instructors at an Army training site. Take a few minutes to view the "Navy IA Combat Training (NIACT)" video to get an overview of what you can expect during your basic combat skills training at NIACT. Your training site is included in the orders. Topics include:

Army Values Forward Operating Base
Basic Rifle Marksmanship Land Navigation
Crew Serve Weapons Communication
9MM Qualification First aid
M-16 Qualification Quick / Reactive Fire
Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Rules of Engagement
Urban Ops and Entry Control Point Rules of Force
Convoy Ops Night Fire Code of Conduct
NBC Law of Land
Hot/Cold Weather Casualty Personnel Recovery
Situational Training Exercise UCMJ
Cultural Awareness Geneva Convention


  • Be aware that all Navy personnel assigned to First Army for training are subject to First Army General Order #1 which prohibits some activities (see below).
  • Be prepared to ship Navy Uniforms (boots, etc.) home from NIACT once mission uniforms are issued.


  • Do not consume alcohol. No student is allowed to consume alcohol while in training, even if of legal age. This prohibition applies to all personnel on or off-duty, and on or off the installation.
  • Do not fraternize. Any relationship between Army instructors and students not required by the training mission is prohibited.
  • Do not wear civilian clothing. Civilian clothing is prohibited while student is in training unless on authorized leave, special pass, TDY, or required by official duty.
  • Do not bring personal gear (weapons, tactical vests, ACOG sights or additional tactical gear) to NMPS/NIACT.  You will be issued what you need.  You will need a small/medium sized backpack (72 hour bag) that can be purchased at the Exchange at NMPS.