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Packing for NIACT

As NIACT immediately follows ECRC for most IAs, what you take to NIACT is a function of what you packed for ECRC. As described in the ECRC packing list, you will have very limited ability to transport items not part of your seabag issue. For most folks, this will mean that packing for NIACT is more about mailing home items no longer needed after RCEC (like Navy working uniforms and extra civillian clothes). When packing for NIACT, you should take into account that billeting is open bay berthing and you will need to secure your gear in your assigned locker.

Items Issued/Checked by ECRC

  • Original, endorsed orders
  • Uniformed Services ID Card - Common Access Card (CAC)
    • Should expire no earlier than 18 months from MOB date
  • Uniforms - only those issued at ECRC for training/overseas deployment
    • Confirm with ULTDUSTA sponsor/POC
  • Completed NAVPERS forms 1300/4, 1300/21 & 1300/22
  • Respirator for (M-50 gas mask) optometry inserts or optometry prescription in hand
  • ID Tags ("Dog Tags") – (Two complete sets with two ID tags in each set)
  • Travel on Individual Billed Account (IBA statement on orders) must have an itinerary
  • Passport/Visa/Country Clearance as per orders/Action Officer - MUST be initiated before reporting on MOB orders
  • Department of Defense Geneva Convention Card (DD Form 489) – this is only for chaplains, and medical personnel

Items You Will Need to Provide For Yourself

  • Sunscreen
  • Toiletry Kit
  • Bath towels / wash cloth
  • Alarm clock
  • Shower shoes
  • Flashlight
  • Gear locker lock
  • Weather appropriate official Navy PT gear

Highly Recommended Items to Have

  • A "72-hour bag" is recommended for NIACT and for personnel who can expect regular, and especially short-notice travel in theater. If not brought, this can be purchased at the exchange.

Facilities, Transportation, POCs and Other Info

  • For additional information, see the ECRC-hosted NIACT webpage and this welcome aboard tri-fold.
  • Bedding is provided (2 sheets and a wool blanket)
  • Limited liberty may be granted on weekends depending on training schedule, etc.  Contact NIACT with questions and before inviting family