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Train & Equip Phase Emergencies

During the T&E phase, each IA is now moving as part of a group of IAs toward his or her ultimate duty location.  Any emergency affecting the IA Sailor's ability to deploy should be reported immediately to the ECRC, through the local Navy Liaison Office (if at NIACT).  The ECRC is the effective parent command for the IA Sailor at this time and can provide access to all the Sailor and family resilience resources that are available to every other active duty Sailor.

Sailors and their families should be aware of the many support networks and services designed to assist them during the deployment period.

Secondary POCs

  • For CONUS training, travel and admin questions for the IA Sailor and their family call the ECRC Helpdesk at 757-462-4744, ext. 119.
  • For IA Family support questions, your CIAC is the primary agent.  You may also contact the ECRC Family Support hotline at 757-462-4744, ext. 215, or the toll-free 24 hr. hotline at 877-364-4302 for additional/immediate assistance.