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Reserve Component Medical Reintegration

RC Sailors may or may not return from deployment with medical issues requiring resolution.  There are two primary approaches taken by the Navy to identify those who need care: medical screening at ECRC during demobilzation and completion of the PDHA/PDHRA. Additionally, RC Sailors should be familiar with their entitlement to continuing health care benefits after mobilization, which is one of the topics covered at ECRC. The IA program anticipates four categories of health care consumers, each having different medical R3 needs.

1. Good-to-Go

Sailors who have no issues will simply complete their medical screening/separation physical and PDHA/PDHRA requirement.

2. Immediate Problems

Any medical issues exposed during medical screening/separation physical and/or PDHA will be dealt with by the medical staff at ECRC. There issue can be handled in one of two ways:

  • Sailor demobilizes and has their issue addressed by receiving a Line of Duty determination and using benefits separate from their Tricare benefit.  Line of Duty determination is required to ensure demobilized Sailors do not incur out-of-pocket expenses for medical care and will receive needed attention for physical and/or psychological concerns.
  • Sailor is placed on Medical Evaluation orders for further evaluation.  If additional treatment is warranted, the member will be placed on Medical Hold (MEDHOLD) orders in order to receive treatment and still have Tricare eligibility remaining once demobilized.


Resource Referral Tracking Manager (RRTM)

Is a mechanism that allows IA Sailors to access healthcare benefits after leaving ECRC. The RRTM provides the following services:

  • tracks referrals placed by an ECRC Medical Provider
  • aids Sailors in navigating the post-deployment healthcare system (TRICARE, MTFs, VA)
  • resolves issues with appointments, delayed care, understanding benefits, etc.
  • directs members to proper resource for obtaining necessary referrals

 You can call RRTM directly for questions at 757-341-7528 from 0800 - 1600, Mon - Fri (CDT/CST).


3. Delayed Problems but still SELRES

Once the member has demobilized the member may contact their NOSC's medical department for assistance for medical issues that manifest post mobilization -- in which case you should also keep your Parent Command and CIAC informed.

An additional touchpoint for demobilized Sailors is during the Post Deployment Health Re-Assessment (PDHRA) conducted 90-180 days after returning. The PDHRA is designed to identify and address health concerns, with specific emphasis on mental health, that have emerged over time since deployment. Utilizing the PDHRA call center members can receive a referral for appropriate healthcare or community-based services for evaluation or treatment, if needed, using their Tricare benefits.

4. Delayed Problems but Separated

Sailors who have demobilized and separated from the Navy should contact the Veterans Administration.  

5. For any Service-Related Injury

Consider enrolling in the Navy's wounded warrior support program, Navy Wounded Warrior -- Safe Harbor. This program has regional offices with non-medical care managers who connect Sailors to resources and benefits to facilitate their recovery or manage any disabilities. Navy Wounded Warrior -- Safe Harbor provides a lifetime of assistance to Sailors who are seriously wounded, ill and injured, as well as their families.