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Return, Reunion, and Reintegration (R3) for Families

During the Return, Reunion, and Reintegration (R3) phase the IA Sailor returns home and transitions back to their Parent Command or NOSC. When AC Sailor's orders end, they either go back to their Parent Command or execute PCS orders to a new duty station. RC Sailors go back to their respective NOSC. In all cases, IA Sailors are expected to complete a series of briefings and medical checks as part of their R3 phase to ensure a successul reintigration.

  • The R3 phase begins with the first I-Stop after leaving theater (typically the Warrior Transition Program (WTP) or ECRC).
  • The purpose of the R3 phase is to facilitate the return of the IA Sailor and Medical / Family / Unit / Civillian Employment reintigration.
  • The R3 phase ends when all medical issues have been resolved, when the IA Sailor re-deploys, and at least nine months have passed since the IA Sailor's return. 

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