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IA Requirements and Sourcing

When Combatant Commanders identify a need for a capability that doesn't currently exist in the forces they have assigned, they send a "Request For Forces" (RFF) to the Joint Staff.  If the Joint Staff validates the request, it tasks the services to fill the requirement.

Navy Sourcing

For requirements tasked to the Navy, U.S. Fleet Forces (USFF) validates that the Navy has the capacity to fill the requirement. Then, USFF works with OPNAV and PERS to fill the requirement.

Once the Requirements process is complete, the sourcing process begins. Fleet Forces fills Active Duty IA billets and tasks Commander Navy Reserve Force Command, or CNRFC, to source Reserve Component IA Billets.

Reserve Component IA Sailors are sourced according to CNRFC business rules, and are managed by CNRFC N35.

Active Duty IA slots requirements are filled via two separate processes: Individual Augmentation Manpower Management (IAMM), and OSA/GSA.

  • IAMM is the process by which Fleet Forces tasks IA requirements to other Echelon 2 commands, such as PACFLT, CNIC, BUMED, and to Echelon III commands under USFF (TYCOMs). These commands are responsible for providing Sailors with the right skill sets to fill the needed IA billets.  IAMM Sailors go TDY from their parent command to execute their IA assignment and then return to their parent command when their IA assignment is complete.
  • The other IA sourcing process is known as OSA/GSA. OSA stands for Overseas Contingency Operations Support Assignment. It is the sourcing process in which active duty enlisted personnel become IA's. Global Support Assignment, or GSA is the sourcing process for active duty officers. The OSA/GSA process allows Sailors to choose to go on an IA assignment as part of their normal detailing/PCS process.

Once the IA nominations are accepted through either the IAMM or OSA/GSA processes, PERS 46 issues the IA Orders. PERS tries to issue orders no later than 60 days prior to the IA assignment for Active Duty sailors and no later than 6 months prior for Reservists.

Types of IAs

Active Component IAs

IAMM: Individual Augmentee Manpower Management (IAMM) AC Sailors are given orders to execute assignments on Temporary Duty (TDY) from the Parent Command during their tour. Upon completion of IA orders, Sailors return to their Parent Command. This is also called "Rip to Fill." Remain attached to Parent Command.

OSA: Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) Support Assignment (OSA) Enlisted AC Sailors may execute IA assignments as part of the normal Permanent Change of Station (PCS) process. IA Sailors on OSA orders are assigned to either Temporary Additional Duty (TEMADD) or Indeterminate Temporary Duty (ITDY), both of which affect benefits and entitlements. Parent Commands receive back fills when the IAs start their assignments. Remain attached to Parent Command but on return will PCS quickly. NEC 90GS is coded so that Parent Command gets a backfill for the OSA IA.

GSA: Global Support Assignment (GSA) AC officers may volunteer for IA through their detailer. They execute IA assignments through an Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center (ECRC) by TEMADD or TDY. Although officers do not return to their initial Parent Commands on completion of the IA, the Parent Commands have the responsibility to track the IA and provide a CIAC. PCS orders, owned by ECRC (detach from Parent Command).

Reserve Component IAs

RC MOB: Reserve Component Mobilization (RC MOB) RC Sailors mobilize for their IA assignments through their NOSC. RC Sailors are provided all CIAC services related to the IA assignment through the NOSC and NOT their individual reserve unit.