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Deployment Screening for IA Sailors

The Expeditionary Screening Checklist (ESC)

After orders are issued IA Sailors must be promptly screened to ensure suitability for deployment. Screening consists mainly of medical readiness checks as well as some administrative checks. Screening must be completed and reported to USFF no later than 30 days after orders are issued to the member. In addition to screening, there is additional preparation work due before the member’s first I-stop report date.

It is the responsibility of the Parent Command to ensure that the IA Sailor screens and prepares for mobilization correctly. For AC Sailors, the Command Individual Augmentee Coordinator (CIAC) will oversee this process. For most RC Sailors, the NOSC Mobilization Officer will oversee this process, and will also assign a CIAC from the NOSC to the IA Sailor. Note that some reserve units will assign their own CIAC to members of their unit, but this is an informal assignment. For RC Sailors, the CIAC assigned by the NOSC is the official CIAC. Finally., IA Sailors should expect to be contacted by an Individual Deployment Support Specialist (IDSS) representative during this period.

1. Get Medically Screened (ORDERS + 30 DAYS)

Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) CO/OIC Action. Per BUMEDINST 1300.3A (and MILPERSMAN 1300-318), MTF COs and officers-in-charge (OICs) (or MTF designees) will ensure completion of NAVPERS 1300/21 and ensure correct medical data is entered in the deployment section of the Medical Readiness Reporting System (MRRS) upon completion of medical screening. NAVMED 1300/4 and required AOR specific forms (NAVMED 1300/5-11) will be filed in the member’s medical record. Required forms:

2. Get Command Screened (ORDERS + 30 DAYS)

Parent Command CO/OIC Action. Per MILPERSMAN 1300-318, Parent Command COs must review the completed, signed NAVPERS 1300/21, any medical waivers, and the completed NAVPERS 1300/22 before signing. Required forms:

  • NEW!! NAVPERS 1300/22 ​(Mobilization Deployment Screening Checklist) (Rev. 05-2019)****If the link does not open the pdf right click and "save link as"***


NOTE: NAVPERS 1300/22 "Section 1: Suitability Screening" is due within 30 days of receipt of orders. Parent Commands must report any failures to screen in that time period to USFF per the guidance provided on the form.

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