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Deployment Preparation Checklist for IA Sailors

I.e., the Expeditionary Screening Checklist (ESC) Part II

After initial screening and notification to BUPERS within 30 days of orders receipt is complete the remainder of pre-deployment  time is to be used to prepare the IA Sailor for the upcoming deployment.  In addition to the recommended activities for ordering his or her private affairs, the IA Sailor is required to complete the initially exempted NAVPERS 1300/22 (Expeditionary Screening Checklist) [i.e., NKO training and GTCC] and any AOR-specific requirements tailored to the ultimate mission location.  The IA Sailor is required to return the completed Expeditionary Screening Checklist no later than 60 days prior to arrival at the first I-Stop (typically the NMPS, or the NOSC for RC Sailors).

In addition to the required preparation actions below, single and married IA Sailors  should refer to the dependent readiness pre-deployment checklist to review the actions they should take to prepare themselves legally and financially for deployment.

It is the responsibility of the Parent Command to ensure that the IA Sailor screens and prepares for mobilization correctly. For AC Sailors, the CIAC will oversee this process. For most RC Sailors, the NOSC Mobilization Officer will oversee this process, and will also assign a CIAC from the NOSC to the IA Sailor. Additionally, IA Sailors should expect to be contacted by an Individual Deployment Support Specialist representative from NFAAS during this period.

1. Deployment Readiness Training (DRT)

Per COMNAVRESFOR  Inst 1342.1A, all Reserve IAs are required to attend a DRT event prior to deploying. Family participation is also highly encouraged, but not required. DRT events are executed by the region and conducted at NOSCs and are an in-person training event that consists of no more than six hours of instruction. DRTs:

  • ...are designed to educate and provide  information that bolsters the readiness of unit personnel, their families, designated  representatives, employers, and
    the affected communities for the rigors of deployment and the challenges of separation.
  • ...are mandatory for all those deployers identified on the RC1 list prior to the
    ready load date.
  • ...may be attended by any Navy Reserve member, designated representative, and children who choose to attend, provided they meet travel guidelines described per Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JFTR).
  • ...can be found and registerd for through this site.

2. Create an EDHA Account (no earlier than NMPS - 120 Days)

In order for you medical data to be correctly recorded, you will need to complete DD 2795 Electronic (Pre-)Deployment Health Assessment:

  • If you have not registered with the EDHA database, click the "New User?" button to begin the registration process. You will be prompted for a valid pass phrase:
    • Activenavy1#
    • The passphrase is case sensitive.
  • Complete Page 1 and 2 and click "Save".


Completion of the Isolated Personnel Report (ISOPREP) entry on PRMS (Personnel
Recovery Mission Software) is required ONLY for all individual augmentees deploying
OCONUS. Data and front/side digital photo entry may be completed on any
CAC / DOD PKI enabled UNCLAS computer at: 

See the ISOPREP PRO-File Completion Guide to ensure correct completion. Entry must be completed prior to NMPS processing.  

Contact PRMS OPS Support Team M-F 0530-2130 EST at (586) 239-3701 for Support.  ECRC Help Desk can also assist with ISOPREP questions:  (757) 802-2062 or

4. Courtesy MOB

A "courtesy mob" is where an IA Sailor requests to complete their mobilization screening and mobilization from a NOSC other than their owning NOSC (i.e., a NOSC closer to where they live). PERS will approve the change of NOSCs for either of the two following conditions:

  • If the member provides proof, via mileage estimations/plane ticket costs, of the cost benefit to the government.
  • If the member has moved their residence, can't get a PLEAD change on their orders, but could mobilize from a NOSC closer to their new residence, PERS will need proof of residence.

To request a courtesy mobilization, read the guide, complete the fillable pdf​, and submit to​​​