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Packing for ECRC (and beyond)

The list below provides a good overview of what you should and should not consider bringing to ECRC.  The main thing to remember is that for most IA Sailors, NIACT and/or other pre-deployment training will immediately follow ECRC, and onward movement to theater.  Sailors are limited to 40 lbs of personnel gear when flying to theater.  As a result, Sailors should plan to pack light for ECRC and/or plan to ship items home that they will not be able to take forward.  ECRC does NOT have storage facilities to store excess items.

  1. Bring medical and dental records and any documentation of medical/dental conditions not documented in military medical/dental records.
  2. Documentation to support enrollment of eligible members in Navy/DoD exceptional family member program(s).
  3. Government travel credit card (activated) and enough cash for two days berthing and meals (approximately $150.00-200.00).
  4. Completed Medical and Administrative Expeditionary Screening Checklists:
    • Expeditionary Medical & Dental Screening forms for Individual Augmentee and Support Assignments to Overseas Contingency Operations (NAVMED 1300/4)
    • Area of Responsibility theater-specific medical screening forms (NAVMED 1300/5-11)
    • Medical Suitability Certification (NAVPERS 1300/21)
    • Expeditionary Screening Checklist Administrative (NAVPERS 1300/22)
  5. Bring medications (90 day supply), copies of any prescriptions (including eyeglasses and/or contacts), and extra hearing aid batteries, if applicable.  Medications must be in the original container with proper labeling. 
  6. Review list of documentation required on the orders. Make sure to bring all listed items.
  7. For Reserve component only, to assist in the establishment of pay/direct deposit/allotment(s), bring:
    • Proof of city/state residence
    • Voided personal check or deposit slip displaying bank address, telephone, bank routing/account numbers
    • Bank account information (bank address/telephone, bank routing/account numbers) for each desired allotment
    • Copy of current mortgage(s) (with principal/interest/tax/insurance breakdown) and documentation of one month's average utilities, OR copy of house or apartment rental agreement and documentation of one month's average utilities
    • Copy(s) of current child support agreement(s)
  8. You are required to report to NMPS in a clean working uniform. Do not report in coveralls, flight suits, civilian clothes or PT gear.
  9. Bring all of the NWU Type 3 uniforms to NMPS that you will need for the duration of your deployment. ECRC no longer issues uniforms/gear that are a part of your official Navy seabag. 
  10. Bring a copy of the completion certificates for each mandatory prerequisite course completed on Navy e-Learning (NKO).
  11. Orders will state if you are required to take your personnel record to NMPS.
  12. Sailors that are not ordered to bring their personnel record (as indicated in official orders) should bring a hard copy of the following (some items to be referenced at NMPS, others by the gaining PSD at the ultimate duty station):
    • Orders
    • Updated page 2
    • SGLI
    • Family Care Plan (NAVPERS 1740/6)
    • Current contract/extensions
    • PG 4s (quals, awards and ASVAB)
    • Last Eval/Fitrep
    • Family Separation Allowance (FSA) form (if applicable)
    • Exam worksheet (if applicable)
    • Certification of discharge/separation (DD-214) for all former periods of active duty
    • Birth certificate or passport (if deploying OCONUS)
    • Birth, adoption or guardianship certificates of family members
    • Social Security Numbers of self and family members
    • Certified copy of marriage certificate for present marriage
    • Certified copies of documentation terminating any previous marriage (divorce/annulment/spouse's death certificate)
    • Certification of full-time enrollment for self and/or college-age dependents from school registrar
    • Signed statement from licensed physician for dependent parent/children over twenty-one years of age who are incapacitated
    • Emergency contact info (also updated to Electronic Service Record)
  13. If your mission has a clearance requirement, it is advisable for you to maintain a record of documentation in support of your clearance, to include:
    • Certified copies of all naturalization papers
    • Names/addresses of personal/professional references (minimum of three each required)
    • Names/addresses/dates of employment for the past ten years (or since graduation from high school)
    • Names/addresses/dates of high school and college(s)
    • Addresses and dates of all previous residences
    • Names/dates/places of birth for your parents and your spouse's parents
  14. Personal documents
    • Driver's license (needed to support issue of any government licences)
    • For those authorized POV travel, vehicle registration/insurance documentation
  15. It is recommended that you copy your records and leave a copy at home.
  16. Bring PT gear (recommended 2 sets, minimum) 
  17. Bring a good book*.

IA Sailors with follow-on orders to Army training (Basic Combat Skills Training) should also review the Packing for NIACT checklist as this will usually immediately follow NMPS.

Depending on your ultimate assignment, it may be advantageous to ship some amount of personal property / household goods to yourself. For more info on this, refer to the household goods / personal property page.

*Waiting for medical appointments at NMPS can involve a significant amount of down-time. IA Sailors should also be aware of and take advantage of the USO located on the first deck at the NMPS building, which offers snacks and if you forgot one, books to take and read.​​​​​