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Common Deployment Issues

Medical issues are the #1 reason IA sailors are Not Physically Qualified (NPQ) at ECRC. IA Sailors should disclose and seek treatment for medical issues as early in the process as possible.  RC Sailors in particular are encouraged to take advantage of early Tricare eligibility to get treatment for medical issues.  Issues left untreated will be found at ECRC, will result in the member being sent home, and will possibly be separated from service.  This can create a hardship for the NPQ'd IA Sailor, for the mission that has a gapped billet, and for the Sailor who is eventually mobilized on short-notice to replace the original IA Sailor.  Common issues found at ECRC include:

Medical Issues

  • Failure to complete follow-up appointments
  • Blood pressure
  • Lipid panel
  • Medications (changes within 90 days of deployment)
  • Major dental
  • Abnormal women's health exam
  • Waivers
  • Other unusual issues (i.e. Sleep Apnea requiring CPAP machine)

Administrative Issues

  • Cancelled orders (in some cases, cancelled months ago and posted to BOL but not checked by the member)
  • Expired or no GTCC or 3-5 days advanced per diem
  • Civil actions / warrants
  • Lapsed security clearances
  • Members with OCONUS ultimate duty station arriving at ECRC with a POV