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Volunteering for an RC Mobilization

There are three primary ways to volunteer for mobilization as an RC Sailor.
  1. Respond to a specific govdelivery mobilization announcement
  2. Change your MAS code to indicate that you are volunteering for any availble mobilization for which you are suited.
  3. Via the CNRFC portal.

1. Responding to a Govdelivery Announcement

  • Ensure you have approval from your unit commander to mobilize (e.g., route a special request chit through your chain of command).
  • Sign-up at the USNRFC govdelivery portal to receive automated emails for mobilization opportunities and follow the directions in the announcement you are interested in. 

2. Changing Your MAS Code

  • You must route a special request chit through your chain of command.
  • Once approved, take your approved chit to your ADMIN Department at your NOSC and ask them to change your Mobilization Assignment Status (MAS) code to VOL (volunteer) in NSIPS.
  • Once you change your MAS code, you are indicating you are ready to deploy immediately for any job in the system that you are qualified for worldwide assignment.
  • You will remain in a volunteer status until you change the code. Since current VOL MAS codes are given more consideration for recall, it is advisable to periodically update your status.

3. Volunteer via the CNRFC Sharepoint Portal

You can also volunteer for assignments via the CNRFC portal. You may do so through this CAC-enabled link.

Common Mobilization Forms

These are links to forms that are commonly needed to initiate the mobilization process. Depending on your individual circumstances, they may or may not apply:

For any questions or concerns, please contact CNRFC N35.

CNRFC Mobilization Newsletter