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Reserve IA Welcome Aboard Package

While a great deal more can be done to prepare yourself and your loved ones for your mobilization, the items below can help you get started immediately on completing pre-deployment requirements and represent the minimum required effort on your part to deploy.

Forms to Complete Before Reporting to the NOSC for your Ready Load Date

  • Expeditionary Screening Checklist (ESC) (NAVPERS 1300/22, 06-2018): You will be required to see NOSC Admin, Security, Career Counselor, GTCC Coordinator, and Unit CFL in order to complete your checklist. If there are any questions about the Expeditionary Checklist contact the NOSC MOB office. Do not wait until your Ready Load Date (the date you report to the NOSC for mobilization) to complete the forms.
  • Ready Reserve Screening Questionniare (RRSQ): Complete your RRSQ and obtain your chain-of-command's endorsement.
  • Pre-deployment Form (DD 2795): complete online at the electronic Deployment Health Assessment (eDHA) website.
    • Log-on eDHA database and enter your SSN into the "login" field and your password into the "password" field.
    • Passwords are case sensitive.
    • NOTE: If you have not registered with the eDHA database, click the "New User?" button to begin the registration process. You will be prompted for a valid pass phrase (Activenavy1#). The passphrase is case sensitive.
    • Complete Page 1 and 2 and click "Save"

Medical & Dental Screening

Medical and dental screening should be conducted with 30 days of receipt of orders. Contact your NOSC mobilization office to determine a POC and suitable MTF for scheduling your medical and dental appointments. 
  • Report of Medical History (DD 2807): "Yes" responses require further description on Pg.2.
  • Expeditionary Medical & Dental Screening (NAVMED 1300/4): Bring with you to your appointment. In advance, please complete pages 4 and 5 (#1-#51) only.
  • Your medical and dental screening will include the following:
    • Blood Work
      • NOTE: 12 hour fasting is required when Lipid panel and Fasting blood sugar labs are ordered.
      • Lipid panel / Fasting blood sugar / HIV
      • ABO Rh blood type / G6PD / Sickle cell
      • HCG (Females only, within 30 days of RLD)
    • NAVMED 6120/4 PHA Form (completed by Medical Provider)
    • NAVMED 6600/13 Dental Form (completed by Dental Provider)
      • Exam
      • Panorex
      • Bitewings
    • DD 2215 or DD 2216 Audiogram Form (completed by Medical Provider)
    • Pap smear (If female within 1 year of RLD)
    • Mammogram (If female over 40 or of applicable)
    • Current eye prescription if you wear corrective lenses (with PCM or if within 180 days through TRICARE)
    • Immunizations / Tests
      • Hepatitis A / Hepatitis B / Twinrix
      • MMR
      • Tetanus
      • Polio
      • PPD
      • Typhoid
      • Yellow Fever
      • Meningococcal
      • Anthrax (if required)
      • Smallpox (if required)

Other Required Items

As part of completing the ESC or fulfilling other requirements, the following items will typically need to be accomplished:
  • Family Contact List: Ensure that your NOSC has accurate family contact info for you by updating your NAVPERS 1070/602 (aka, your "Page 2").
  • NKO Courses: NKO courses are required to be completed PRIOR to your Ready Load Date. They are very time consuming but may be completed as far out as 6 months in advance.
  • PFA Report: Your NOSC MOB shop will need a copy of your summary PRIMS report. No person will mobilize if PRIMS reflects 3 failures in accordance with the OPNAV 6110.1J.
  • Power of Attorneys, Wills and Tax Filing: Contact your nearest Legal Office to arrange appointments (example PoA document).

Final Must-Know Items

You need to be aware of the NOSC CIAC and the IDSS roles who will be engaging with you and your family to help you prepare for and execute your IA mobilization. Finally, refer to the NMPS packing list before reporting to the NOSC.