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RC Post-Notification Checklist

Read Your Orders:

Upon notification your NOSC Command IA Coordinator (CIAC) reviews your orders with you and ensures you are able to view your orders on Bureau of Personal (BUPERS) Online (BOL). Ensure you understand all the details of your orders, to include your billet description, your training track, authority to make travel arrangements and entitlements, and healthcare eligibility (NOTE: For OPSEC reasons, billet descriptions are not as detailed as Service Members might prefer). 

  • Verify that your name, rank and address are correctly printed on your orders.
  • Check BOL regularly, as missions and requirements frequently change (refer to the NMCMPS link).
  • Refer to this example set of orders which uses highlights to help you find critical information in your own orders.
  • Find a billet description based on your Noble Eagle number. Go to NKO and select "Individual Augmentation" and then refer to the Noble Eagle billet chart in the upper right.
  • One common frustration is a lack of detail in the billet description. For more info on billet descriptions, please refer to Training Focus Area (TFA) #7 of The CIAC Paddle, 11th edition.

If you don't have orders and they aren't on BOL:

  • Per your notification, please wait up to 72 hrs for your orders to post to NMCMPS.
  • If your orders have not posted 72 hrs after your notification email, contact your Command/CIAC who will have the official copy sent to your parent command via official message traffic.
  • If you still have trouble getting your orders, contact USFF IA Support at

Start Working the Medical Screening Requirements

Medical screening is the first part of mobilizing for an IA assignment. Medical screening is required to be accomplished no more than 30 days after issuance of orders.

Courtesy Mobilizations through a different NOSC

Courtesy mobilizations may occur when an RC Sailor is not assigned to an NRA/NOSC closest to their home. To facilitate completing pre-mobilization screening requirements closer to their home, a member can request a "courtesy mobilization" from the NRA/NOSC closest to their home. This is done for the convenience of the member and cost advantage to the Navy. The NRA/NOSC to which the member is assigned AND the NRA/NOSC to which the member is requesting the courtesy mobilization must BOTH agree to this arrangement.

To request a Courtesy Mobilization, members should contact both NRA/NOSCs for pre-approval and then request an ORDMOD through the Mobilization Sailor Advocacy (MSA) at 866-827-5672 or e-mail: The request form found on the CNRFC N35 webpage is required.

Other Important POCs:

  • Billet and Mission Questions:  Call USFF N1 GFM/IA at (757) 836-2403.
  • For CONUS training, travel and admin questions for the IA Sailor or the Family, call the ECRC Helpdesk at (757) 462-4744, ext. 119.
  • For IA family support questions, the CIAC is the the primary agent.  You may also contact the ECRC Family Support hotline at (757) 462-4744, ext. 215, or the toll-free 24-hour hotline at (877) 364-4302.