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Pre-deployment for Parent Commands & NOSCs

The Pre-deployment phase is a complete administrative / medical screening procedure and online training. During Pre-Deployment, Sailors are identified to fill the billets that the Joint Staff has tasked the Navy to provide. US Fleet Forces (USFF) selects Individual Augmentees (IAs) from Sailors nominated by their commands and assigns them to specific billets. Parent Commands prepare Active Component (AC) IA Sailors for mobilization. NOSCs prepare Reserve Component (RC) Sailors for mobilization.

  • Pre-deployment begins with notification of orders.
  • The purpose of Pre-deployment activities is to prepare the Sailor for mobilization.
  • Pre-deployment ends when the Sailor departs his or her Parent Command for Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center (ECRC).  

The heart and soul of sending, supporting, and reintegrating IA Sailors rests with the Command IA Coordinator, or CIAC. At RC NOSCs, many of the screening and preparation requirements are often covered by a designated Mobilization Officer whereas AC CIACs cover these requirements entirely. Regardless, for both AC and RC IA Sailors, the CIAC engages in pre-deployment and stays with the IA Sailor and his or her family throughout all phases of the deployment and out as far as 9 months after return.

“Our Sailors make enormous sacrifices to serve their country and to support the Navy's mission. It is a covenant of leadership that we should in turn give 100 percent of our support when they become wounded, ill, or injured. As leaders we have to be aware of our Sailors' issues and their families' issues, being especially vigilant of deployment related problems. Work with your Sailors to get them the necessary care and support they have earned. We would do our Sailors a disservice if we did not ensure they are not healthy and mission ready.”

~ Adm. Jonathan W. Greenert, Chief of Naval Operations

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