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Pre-deployment Preparation for Families & Dependents

During this phase of the deployment cycle, the AC IA Sailor goes through training and medical evaluations that maintain personal and unit readiness. From the family’s point of view, this phase of the deployment cycle is normal life, since the AC IA Sailor is at home and going to work on a regular basis. For families of RC Sailors there is some additional stress as the Sailor works on completing mobilization preparation while continuing to work for his or her civilian employer. During this phase, the IA Sailor is encouraged to begin preparing legal, financial, and other personal matters.

  • Pre-deployment begins with notification of orders.
  • The purpose of Pre-deployment activities is to prepare the Sailor for mobilization, including preparing his or her family.
  • Pre-deployment ends when the Sailor departs his or her Parent Command and heads to Navy Mobilization Processing Site (NMPS).  Families may not accompany IA Sailors to NMPS or beyond.

Know-Before-They-Go Checklists

  • Help your Sailor complete his or her administrative, legal, and financial readiness actions (active or reserve).
  • Helping your IA Sailor prepare and pack ahead of time will help your family enjoy more quality time prior to your Sailor's departure.
  • Enroll your family in the military healthcare system appropriate to your status / location.
  • Obtain a command sponorship letter to allow your family to visit you via Space-A travel (at a R&R location or in non-hazardous duty locations).
  • I have an emergency

Tips & Best Practices

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