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IA Performance Evaluation System

The normal periodic Navy performance evaluation system is significantly altered for those Sailors executing IA orders.  In particular, the type of IA orders being executed (Reserve, GSA, OSA or IAMM) are very important in determining what type of FITREP or Evaluation is necessary.  IAs must ensure that their pre-IA parent command, in-theater command and post-IA command adhere to required IA report guidance.  Specific guidance/assistance for administration of IA performance reports is available below:

 Overall IA Performance Evaluation Guidance 

 Performance Report Block Guidance for IAs

Performance Evaluation Culture 

Each service has its own culture regarding performance evaluations and Navy IA Sailors will encounter this during their in-theater performance evaluation.   When receiving an evaluation from another service (typically Army or Joint Service) reporting senior, the following actions are recommended to maximize chances of success:

Perform. Outstanding performance is the primary method of ensuring a positive performance evaluation.  As with any new assignment, IA Sailors should try to sit down with their reporting senior and ask what factors will be used to measure performance (what you can do to earn 5.0 marks).

Check The Details. As an IA, you may be the only Sailor for hundreds of miles. As a result, you are advised to take responsibility for your career and make yourself knowledgeable on IA performance report requirements. No matter what the trait scores or comments, you can ensure your performance report is correctly filled out. Some specific resources to help IAs in this are:

Utilize your Navy ADCON Chain-of-Command. Take the initiative to submit a draft of your performance report well in advance of your departure from theater. Utilize your Navy administrative chain of command (e.g. NAVCENT FWD, CTF-IA, HOA, ECRC etc.) to provide a "Navy" review for both correctness and content.  Every reporting senior would rather chop than write-from-scratch, and the more effective a job you do, the more "Navy" your performance report will be after your reporting senior gets done with it. To that end, take advantage of the online resources available to you to help you improve your FITREP/EVAL writing:

Keep a Signed Copy.  As always, Sailors are advised to obtain a signed copy of their performance evaluation prior to departure from theater.  Additionally, IA Sailors should ensure that the in-theater command knows the proper procedures for submitting to BUPERS.