Fleet and Family Support Center
2212 Chisholm Ave.
Fort Meade, MD 20755
Hours:  Mon-Fri   0730-1600 
The Fleet and Family Support Center assists individuals and families through a full array of programs and resources that help military families to be resilient, well-informed and adaptable to the Navy environment. The staff supports mission readiness, assists commanders in planning for and responding to family readiness needs and facilitates building a strong community network of services through education, community outreach and partnerships. The Center’s staff leads workshops on a variety of topics, such as life skills development, military and personal career development and personal financial management.

 **Due to COVID-19 many of our services are available virtually. Please visit MyNavyFamily.com to register for the webinars listed below**

Clinical Counseling Services
Clinical counseling is individual, marriage or family counseling provided by a licensed professional.  We all experience ups and downs in life. At some point just about everyone needs help coping with stress caused by life's many challenges. Stress can be caused by family hardships, marital conflicts, parent/child issues, money concerns, frequent moves, health and environmental factors and other difficulties.
We may first try to discuss problems with family, friends or coworkers, but somtimes this just isn't enough. Sometimes it helps to talk to an experienced counselor. Fleet and Family Support Centers (FFSC) offer confidential counseling by professional, licensed clinicians. Clinical counseling services are free of charge to active duty personnel and family members.
If you are troubled and need someone to talk to, you do not need a referral from your command, from Tri-Care or your primary care physician. Just call your local Fleet and Family Support Center to make an appointment. The command is not notified.

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Crisis Response

Crisis Response is the quick response provided for commands, personnel and families when they are faced with crisis situations.

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Deployment Readiness
The Navy ensures the Sailors know their families will be cared for during deployments.
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Exceptional Family Member Program
The Exceptional Family Member Program provides an all-inclusive approach for community, educational, medical, housing and personnel services for families with special needs.

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Family Advocacy Program

This proactive, clinical program seeks to prevent all types of domestic abuse through awareness and education. In some cases individuals, couples and parents find themselves stressed beyond their ability to cope and, when that happens, abuse can occur.  When it does, FAP clinicians assure the safety of all individuals, conduct assessments, and provide treatment and resources to strengthen couples and families.
Family Emergency Response
Disaster affects hundreds of thousands of people every year. It may happen at your local Navy installation. It may happen to you.
Family Employment Readiness Program
The goal of the Family Employment Assistance/Readiness Program is to help spouses and family members obtain suitable employment, establish career goals and maintain career progression, despite frequent relocations.
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Life Skills Education
Life Skills Education and support can equip individuals and families to maximize their growth and potential and successfully manage Navy life challenges.
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Navy Gold Star
The Navy Gold Star program is designed to provide long term support to surviving family members of deceased active duty personnel. The program’s two goals are to keep survivors connected with military and to assist them with achieving resiliency and well-being.
Information & Referral
I&R answers questions, identifies helpful civilian and military resources, provides phone numbers, addresses and more.

New Parent Support Program
The New Parent Support Home Visitation Program (NPSHVP) is a free support service program designed to meet the needs of expectant active-duty military personnel, their spouses and those families with children under the age of four. The program is to provide prenatal and parenting skills education to active-duty service members and their families. 
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Navy ombudsmen are key resources for family members, particularly during deployments.
Personal Financial Management Program
Personal Finance Management (PFM) Program is the Navy’s effort to promote good money management skills within its force.  PFM empowers service members and their families to better manage financial resources and meet financial goals by developing their skills and increasing their knowledge with education and training; information and referral; and counseling.  The PFM Program offers a vast array of savings options, credit and debt management programs, investment options, and retirement plans designed to help clients achieve their financial goals. Financial classes provide a solid foundation for Navy personnel and their families.  For example, Command Financial Specialist (CFS) training, Budget for Baby, Million Dollar Sailor and various Financial Readiness Classes.  Call for an appointment or to register for classes.
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Relocation Assistance
Relocation Assistance provides information, education and counseling on all issues related to a Permanent Change of Station.
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Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response programs primary goals are to prevent sexual assault from happening in our community and to support victims when an assault is reported.

Safe Linehelp Website 

The DoD Safe Helpline number is the 24/7 Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention Response Line.  If you need immediate support services, you should call the DoD Safe Helpline. If local sexual assault victim assistance is requested, please call the following numbers, in order. If none of the three are immediately available please leave a message or contact the DoD Safe Helpline for immediate assistance.
1. CWG-6 Ft Meade Duty SAPR VA Phone: 301-602-1613
2. CWG-6 Ft Meade SARC: 410-227-6235
3. Annapolis SARC: 443-871-3679

Safe Helpline 24/7, (877) 995-5247, https://www.safehelpline.org/

Transition Assistance Program
The Transition Assistance Program (TAP) helps military personnel and their families prepare for separation from active duty. Consideration of transition to civilian employment should begin 2 years prior to retirement or 1 year prior to separation. In depth career counseling, self-help computer resources, job fairs, and professional career workshops help make you a success.  
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Volunteer Services
Volunteering offers a great opportunity to learn new skills or enhance existing skills and gain valuable experience.