Inter-American Naval Telecommunications Conference (IANTC)

The Inter-American Naval Telecommunications Conference (IANTC) have as its purpose to study and to recommend the coordination, improvement and standardization in the America system of naval communications, with the purpose of obtaining efficient operating systems, both in time of peace and in time of continental emergency. They only can be members, the navies of the American nations that the Inter-American Naval Conference (IANC) decides.

The delegation of each country will only be able to have one delegate before the conference with right to voice and vote. The delegates can have all the advisers who consider appropriate, between which must consider themselves to the operative personnel of stations VSAT with ample knowledge of the operational and/or administrative subjects of the network.

Invited observers’ representatives from other navies will be able to attend as long as they have been accepted like such in the Inter-American Naval Conference. Also, the host navy country can invite as an observer officers designated by command and the organizations whom operative or administratively are associated with the specific subjects in the agenda and to those who the Navy of the host country of the Conference invites like observers.

The IANTC will be summoned every two years by the IANC, upon request of the Secretariat, Inter-American Naval Telecommunications. The Conference will be held during the second semester of every two years, having the Secretariat informing to the participant countries the exact date for the accomplishment. Upon request to the General Secretary IANC, the notice of the next Conference should be properly analyzed.

The Inter-American Naval Telecommunications Conference will be held in the seat that the Secretariat, Inter-American Naval Telecommunications Network (IANTN) decides, sponsored by the United States Navy, whenever there is not offer in such sense of some other country.

During the IANTC, any network Navy member will be able to offer as seat for the achievement of the next Conference. For all the effects languages will be considered official Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Past Conferences

In the year 1998, the Delegate Council of the XIX Inter-American Naval Conference (IANC), held in Chile, in accordance with the Recommendation No. 5, decided to fuse the Chiefs of Naval Communications Conference (CIJCN) and the Meeting of Operation Personnel, with the purpose of forming what nowadays is known as the Specialized Inter-American Naval Telecommunications Conference (IANTC).

Since then, the following conference had been held:

  • I Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico 1999
  • II Miami, Florida, USA 2000
  • III Miami, Florida, USA 2001
  • IV Miami, Florida, USA 2003
  • V Jacksonville, Florida, USA 2005
  • VI Jacksonville, Florida, USA 2007
  • VII Jacksonville, Florida, USA 2009
  • VIII Veracruz, Mexico 2011
  • IX Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2013
  • X Lima, Peru 2015

The XI IANTC-Telecommunications will be held in 2017. The location for this conference has not been determined yet.