Inter-American Naval Conference (IANC)

The Inter-American Naval Conferences initiated in the year of 1959, when Navy of the Nations of the Continent were invited to attend the Semester Conference of the United States Navy Chiefs of Mission.

In 1960, a Conference made in two phases took place: first stage destined the Chiefs of Mission of the United States Navy held in Key West, Florida; the second phase was a Multilateral Conference of the Navies of the Continent, took place in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Later three additional Multilateral Conferences were held at a later date.

The main reason of the Conference was to provide an interchange of ideas, knowledge and mutual understanding of the marine problems that affect the Continent. Its fundamental intention is to stimulate the permanent professional contacts between Navy of the participant countries to promote hemispheric solidarity.

Twenty five Conferences have been held so far, namely:

  • I. Balboa, Panama 1959
  • II. Key West, Florida, USA and San Juan, Puerto Rico 1960
  • III. Viña del Mar, Chile 1962
  • IV. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1964
  • V. Caracas Venezuela 1966
  • VI. Newport, Rhode Island, USA 1971
  • VII. Mar del Plata, Argentina 1974
  • VIII. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1976
  • IX. Lima, Peru, 1978
  • X. Quito, Ecuador 1980
  • XI. Cartagena, Colombia 1983
  • XII. Norfolk, Virginia, USA 1985
  • XIII. Mar del Plata, Argentina 1986
  • XIV. Norfolk, Virginia, USA 1988
  • XV. Viña del Mar, Chile 1990
  • XVI. Lima, Peru 1992
  • XVII. Punta del Este, Uruguay 1994
  • XVIII. Petropolis, Brazil 1996
  • XIX. Viña del Mar, Chile 1998
  • XX. Cartagena, Colombia 2000
  • XXI. San Diego, California, USA 2004
  • XXII. Mar del Plata, Argentina 2006
  • XXIII. Guayaquil, Ecuador 2008
  • XXIV. Rio de janeiro, Brazil 2010
  • XXV. Cancún, México 2012
  • XXVI. Buenos Aires, Argentina Sep 2014

The Inter-American Defense Board will have a delegate representative in the Conferences constituted with a Special Delegate and their assessors composed of Naval Officers. The Special Delegate of the Inter-American Defense Board will have right to voice but not a vote.

The XXVII IANC will be held in Canada in June 2016.