Welcome to VUP-19 Home of the

"Big Red"


VUP-19 is a dual site command with bases located in NAS Jacksonville Florida and Naval Base Ventura County in California. 

    CO LeVoy XO DaCostaAzar Cropped.jpg

       Command Contact Information :        

CDO: (904) 463-3572
JAX Sponsor Coordinator:          Mugu Sponsor Coordinator: 
       LT Brok Greenawalt, Email: brok.greenawalt@navy.mil                                                  AT1 Robert Majestic, email: robert.majestic@navy.mil
    AT1 Nicholas Leary, Email: nicholas.leary@navy.mil                                            AM1 Andrew Stevens, email: andrew.stevens@navy.mil
       NAS J
Naval Base Ventura County 
                                                                                                              (Pt. Mugu)
                 Box 20 Naval Air Station                                                                         335 Nar RD BLDG 323
                  Jacksonville, FL 32212                                                                             Pt. Mugu, CA 93042