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Commander, Naval Air Forces > USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) > Command Ombudsman

Command Ombudsman


 Command Ombudsman



Navy Family Ombudsmen are communication links, informational and referral resources and advocates for command family members.  Appointed by the commanding officer, Ombudsmen are volunteers and spouses of service members  within the command.  As an official command representative, the Ombudsman is a point of contact for all family members  connected to the command - including spouses, parents and extended family members.  The Ombudsman Code of Ethics  guarantees professionalism and confidentiality, within program guidelines. Each Ombudsman program is owned by the  commanding officer and is unique to the command's size and needs.

 To contact your ombudsmen, call, text or email:

 Julie 757-675-9728

 Jennifer 757-679-9861


    Ombudsmen Contact Numbers:

      IKE Ombudsman - (757) 675-9728