Community Outreach Resources:

Public Affairs Address:
Centennial PAO (N00CoNA)
P.O. Box 357051
San Diego, CA 92135-7051
(619) 545-4147
Navy Community Outreach
Marine Corps Community Relations
Coast Guard Community Relations
NASA Community Outreach

The Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and NASA are fully committed to supporting the media, event coordinators and the general public through resources and information enabling each to the maximize their participation in and coverage of Centennial events. Below are contacts for each region's Public Affairs departments. Also included are links to each branch of service's Community Relations sites to request static displays, demonstrations, and speakers. Lastly, you can freely download our pre-developed Public Affairs tools located under the PAO Toolbox section directly to the right on this page. Thank you for your interest and support commemorating the Centennial of Naval Aviation! 

Centennial National PAO:

LCDR Allison Myrick-Ellison
Centennial Public Affairs
(619) 545-4147

Region Contacts:

Navy Region Mid-Atlantic: (757) 322-2853/54
Navy Region Southeast: (904) 542-4032/4033
Navy Region Midwest: (847) 688-2201/2430
Navy Region Northwest: (360) 396-1630/1631
Navy Region Southwest: (619) 532-1430
Navy Region Hawaii: (808) 473-2888
Navy Region Europe/Africa/Southwest Asia: 011-39-081-568-4727
Navy Region Japan: 011-81-46-243-8962
Navy Region Korea: 011-82-315-723-6789
Joint Region Marianas: (671) 349-2115

For additional information: