U.S. Navy Green Fleet

The Navy’s environmental and energy stewardship website that focuses on efforts in energy, the environment and climate change.


 Navy Living Marine Resource (LMR) Program

Naval Facilities Engineering Command’s website dedicated to developing, demonstrating and assessing information and technology solutions to protect living marine resources by minimizing the environmental risks of Navy at-sea training, and testing activities while preserving core Navy readiness capabilities.


 Navy Acoustic Effects Model (NEAMO) 

The Navy’s effort to more quickly and efficiently estimate the potential acoustic effects of proposed Navy training and testing activities on marine species.


 Navy and Marine Ocean Resources

Provides resources, such as marine mammal research and protection, the National Ocean Council, the at-sea policy, coral reef conservation and environmental planning at-sea.


 Marine Species Monitoring 

Serves as an online portal for information on the background, history, and progress of the Navy’s Marine Species Monitoring program, as well as provides access to reports, documentation, data, and updates on current monitoring projects.


 The Office of Naval Research (ONR)Marine Mammals and Biology (MMB) Program

Supports basic and applied research and technology development related to understanding the effects of sound on marine mammals, including physiological, behavioral, ecological effects and population-level effects.