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Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus set forth five ambitious energy goals that are transforming the way the Department of the Navy (DoN) uses energy on installations and in operational forces. This strategy emphasizes improving operational effectiveness while increasing energy security and advancing energy independence. Among these goals is a commitment to reform requirements-setting, acquisition, and contracting processes to incorporate energy performance criteria into decisions for new systems.

SAVING ENERGY AT-SEA The Navy is running full-steam ahead to develop solutions to power the Fleet with clean, sustainable energy at sea.

SAVING ENERGY ASHORE The Navy is hard at work identifying the energy solutions of tomorrow for its ashore installations and facilities.

ENERGY SAVINGS TECHNOLOGY The Navy is pursuing science and technology investments with an eye toward environmental stewardship.

SAILING THE GREAT GREEN FLEET Great Green Fleet: A composite term that may encompass multiple Carrier or Expeditionary Strike Groups (CSG, ESG) throughout the year, as opposed to a single CSG or ESG being designated the Great Green Fleet for its entire deployment.


Inport Energy Management Handbook The COMNAVSURFLANT Inport Energy Management handbook was developed to educate ship’s force personnel on the management of inport energy resources, thereby reducing electricity, steam, and water consumption.

U.S. Navy Green Fleet The Navy's environmental stewardship web site focuses on efforts in energy, the environment and climate change.

The Green Fleet App (ios & Android)Disrupt the Future – Today! You’ll discover what Sailors, civilians, and others Navy-wide are doing to lead change and increase combat capability. You can also learn interesting facts about our nation’s oil dependence, and what America’s Navy is doing about it.

The Fleet Energy Training Forum Here are the briefs supporting the 2014 Energy Training Forum held in Jacksonville, Fla.: