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 December 4, 2014


 Holiday Concert 


 Wind Ensemble    


 Courtland, VA  


 Southampton High School   


   7:00 pm


 December 5, 2014


 Holiday Concert


 Wind Ensemble  


 Virginia Beach, VA


 Gator Theater - JEB Little Creek 


  7:30 pm


 December 11, 2014 


 Holiday Concert  


 Wind Ensemble 


 Smithfield, VA 


 The Smithfield Center  


   7:00 pm


December 13, 2014


Holiday Parade


Marching Band


Ahoskie, NC


Downtown Ahoskie


10:00 am



*This performance schedule is intended for informational purposes only.  This schedule does not reflect all scheduled events such as military ceremonies, rehearsals, training, and other military requirements.  All events listed are open to the public.  All public performances are subject for preemption by Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command.