‘Bold Alligator’ Helps to Sustain Amphibious Operations
American Forces Press Service(31Jan2012)

Video: "Bold Alligator 2012" Briefing
The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies(31Jan2012)

Wasp Sets Stage For Bold Alligator 2012
Navy News(30Jan2012)

Kearsarge Departs for Bold Alligator 2012
Navy News(30Jan2012)

Exercise Bold Alligator 2012 News Products Can Be Found on DVIDS

NECC Participates in Bold Alligator
Navy News(30Jan2012)

Bold Alligator Training Starts Today
Jacksonville Daily News(30Jan2012)

NWDC Plays a Key Role in Bold Alligator 12
Navy News(30Jan2012)

Shaping the Strike Force for Bold Alligator 2012: The Perspective of 2nd MAW
Second Line of Defense(26Jan2012)

Coalition Engagement in Bold Alligator 2012
Second Line of Defense(26Jan2012)

From Afghanistan, to Bold Alligator 2012, to the Future:
the USMC Re-shapes its Capabilities
Second Line of Defense(26Jan2012)

ACU4 Certifies French Ship FS Mistral in Preparation for Bold Alligator
Navy News(25Jan2012)

Bold Alligator 2012 to Revitalize Amphibious Operations
Navy News(25Jan2012)

Local Sailors and Marines Prepare for Major Exercise Off East Coast

Mistral to Certify for LCAC Operations

ESG2 Prepares for Bold Alligator 2012
Second Line of Defense(23Jan2012)

Amphib Exercise Reacquaints Marines with Ships
Navy Times(23Jan2012)

Planning for Bold Alligator 2012
Second Line of Defense(20Jan2012)

2nd Recon Marines Take to the Water
Shadow Spear(17Jan2012)
Bold Alligator 2012 in Historical Perspective
Second Line of Defense(16Jan2012)

Swift, Silent and Deadly; 2nd Recon Marines Take to the Water
Jacksonville Daily News (13Jan2012)

USS Wasp Prepares for Bold Alligator
Navy News (9Jan2012)

French Navy EDAR Completes Operational Readiness Tests (9Jan2012)

USFF, MARFORCOM Host Final Planning Conference for Bold Alligator 2012
Navy News (7Jan2012)

Bold Alligator 2012: The USN-USMC Team Shapes the Future
Second Line of Defense(3Jan2012)

Planning Continues for Largest Amphibious Assault Exercise in 10 Years
Navy News (18Dec2011)

24 MEU Troops Complete Exercises from USS Iwo Jima
Jacksonville Daily News (22Dec2011)

Marines Prepare for Huge Land, Sea Exercise
Marine Corps Times (17Dec2011)

No Barriers to Landing on Carriers
DVIDS (6Dec2011)

USFF Hosts Bold Alligator 2012 Main Planning Conference
Navy News (29June2011)



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