Ready Fleet...Global Reach
U.S. Fleet Forces Command Slogan


The U.S. Fleet Forces Command slogan was selected, among a large number of ideas submitted, as one that captures best the distinctive characteristics of U.S. Fleet Forces' mission and responsibilities to the Chief of Naval Operations and the Joint Combatant Commanders.

"Ready Fleet" -- a fundamental responsibility of the USFF military and civilian team is to ensure our forces are manned, trained, and equipped, now and in the future, to meet Navy mission requirements. ""Ready Fleet" also reflects our ability to respond quickly to meet our operational responsibilities of maritime homeland defense and disaster relief operations.

"Global Reach" -- as a team, we provide combat-ready forces to Combatant Commanders worldwide to carry out operations spanning the breadth of Navy capabilities, from the ability to deliver kinetic and non-kinetic weapons against the enemy to the offer of a helping hand to our friends and allies.

Together, "Ready Fleet ... Global Reach" symbolizes who we are and what we do. It provides both a desired endstate and level of competency necessary in order to execute our Maritime Strategy.