Congratulations on your assignment to U.S. Fleet Forces Command (USFLTFORCOM)! 

The command is located on Naval Support Activity (NSA) Hampton Roads in Norfolk, Virginia. Your tour of duty here will be both rewarding and career enhancing. The Hampton Roads area is a wonderful and historical place to work and play for you, your family and friends.

Command Sponsor Coordinator Contact Information 

Phone Number: 757-836-2830

ATTN: Sponsor Coordinator 
Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command 
1562 Mitscher Ave., Suite 250
Norfolk, VA 23551-2487 

For emergencies, USFLTFORCOM employs a 24-hour Watch Officer that can be contacted by calling (757) 836-5397. 


USFLTFORCOM has a long, distinguished history of service to our country and the U.S. Navy. U.S. Fleet Forces Command was originally established as Commander-In-Chief, U.S. Atlantic Fleet (CINCLANTFLT). CINCLANTFLT was established under one command in 1906 by President Theodore Roosevelt. 

President Roosevelt placed great emphasis on naval readiness for war. During his first administration, from 1901 to 1905, authorization was obtained from Congress for 10 new battleships, four armored cruisers and 17 smaller craft. All battleships were assigned to the Atlantic Fleet and all armored cruisers and lighter cruisers were assigned to the newly created Pacific Fleet. 

First CINCLANTFLT Commander and the Great White Fleet

The first Commander-in-Chief of the Atlantic Fleet was Rear Adm. Robley D. Evans, who assumed command on Jan. 1, 1906, aboard his flagship, the battleship USS Maine (BB 10). In December 1907, Rear Adm. Evans led the fleet of 16 first line battleships out of Hampton Roads on the start of the famous world cruise of the Great White Fleet (1907-1909). President Roosevelt witnessed the departure from his yacht, the Mayflower. This ceremonious Fleet Review served as a highlight of the Jamestown Exposition, then held at the site of the present Norfolk Naval Station. ​