The Month of January in American Naval History
January 1

1950 - Mary T. Sproul commissioned as first female doctor in Navy
1959 - U.S. Naval Observatory introduces system of uniform atomic time using cesium beam atomic oscillators. This measurement has been adopted as standard by the International Committee on Weights and Measures.
1962 - Navy SEAL teams established

January 2

1969 - Operation Barrier Reef began in Mekong Delta, Vietnam

January 3

1904 - Marines from USS Dixie arrive in Panama
1944 - Top Marine ace MAJ Boyington captured after shooting down 28 aircraft
1945 - Third Fleet carriers begin a 2 day attack against Formosa destroying 100 aircraft with loss of only 22 aircraft.

January 4

1910 - Commissioning of USS Michigan (BB-27), the first U.S. dreadnought battleship.
1863 - Blockading ship USS Quaker City captures sloop Mercury carrying despatches emphasizing desperate plight of the South.
1989 - Aircraft (VF-32) from USS John F. Kennedy shoot down 2 hostile Libyan Migs.

January 5

1855 - USS Plymouth crew skirmish with Chinese troops
1875 - CDR Edward Lull begins expedition to locate best ship canal route across Panama. Route followed 30 years later.
1943 - USS Helena (CL-50) fired first proximity fused projectile in combat and shot down Japanese divebomber in southwest Pacific.
1968 - First Male Nurse Corps officer in Regular Navy, LT Clarence W. Cote.

January 6

1916 - First enlisted flight training class at Pensacola, FL
1942 - Japanese capture 11 Navy Nurses in Manila, Philippines
1967- Operation Deckhouse V begins in Mekong Delta, Vietnam.
1996 - USS Hopper, named for RADM Grace Hopper, commissioned.

January 7

1960 - Launch of first fully-guided flight of Polaris missile at Cape Canaveral (flew 900 miles)
1967 - Mobile Riverine Force begins arriving at Vung Tau, Vietnam

January 8

1847 - Battle of San Gabriel (Navy, Marines, Army defeat Mexicans in CA)

January 9

1861 - Union steamer Star of the West fired on in Charleston Harbor
1918 - Establishment of Naval Overseas Transportation Service to carry cargo during WWI
1945 - Carrier aircraft begin 2-day attack on Japanese forces, Luzon, Philippines

January 10

1847 - American naval forces occupy Los Angeles.
1917 - Navy places first production order for aerial photographic equipment.
1934 - VP-10F flies first non-stop formation flight from San Francisco to Pearl Harbor, arriving 11 Jan.
1956 - Establishment of first Navy nuclear power school at Submarine Base, New London, CT

January 11

1863 - CSS Alabama sinks USS Hatteras off Galveston
1944 - Aircraft from USS Block Island make first aircraft rocket attack on German submarine

January 12

1813 - US Frigate Chesapeake captures British Volunteer
1848 - Attack on Sloop Lexington, San Blas, Mexico
1953 - Landings tested on board USS Antietam, first angled deck carrier

January 13

1865 - Amphibious attack on Fort Fisher, NC
1964 - USS Manley evacuates 54 American and 36 allied nationals after Zanzibar government is overthrown

January 14

1813 - US Frigate Chesapeake captures British brig Hero
1815 - HMS Endymion, Tenedos and Pomone capture USS President
1863 -
Navy General Order 4, Emancipation Proclamation
1943 - In first submarine resupply mission, USS Gudgeon lands 6 men, 2,000 pounds of equipment and supplies on Negros Island.

January 15

1865 - In largest amphibious operation of war, Union forces capture Ft. Fisher, Wilmington, NC, by joint amphibious force.
1997 - Navy physician CAPT Jerry Lineger joined the crew of the MIR space station after being launched on Atlantis during space Shuttle Mission STS-81. Prior to the mission, he was trained at the Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City, Russia for over a year.

January 16

1930 - USS Lexington provides power to Tacoma, WA, when floods knocked out city power plants
1991 - Operation Desert Storm, liberation of Kuwait from Iraq, begins

January 17

1832- USS Peacock makes contact with Vietnamese court officials
1900 - US (CDR Taussig in USS Bennington) takes formal possession of Wake Island
1955 - USS Nautilus (SSN-571), the first nuclear-powered submarine, casts off lines at 1100 and sends message "underway on nuclear power"

January 18

1911 - First aircraft landing on board a ship, USS Pennsylvania by Eugene Ely.
1962 - After a flash fire in the Persian Gulf on Danish tanker, Prima Maersk, burned a crewman, USS Duxbury Bay transfers a Navy doctor to help the Danish crewman and USS Soley took him to the nearest hospital at Bahrain Island.
1968 - Operation Coronado X begins in Mekong Delta, Vietnam
1977 - The Trident (C-4) missile development flight test program commenced when C4X-1 was launched from a flight pad at Cape Canaveral, FL
1991 - USS Nicholas attacks and captures Iraqi oil platforms

January 19

1840 - LT Charles Wilkes, USN is first American to discover Antarctic coast

January 20

1783 - Hostilities cease between Great Britain and the United States
1903 - Theordore Roosevelt issues Executive Order placing Midway Islands under jurisdiction of the Navy Department.
1914 - School for naval air training opens in Pensacola, FL.
1948 - Establishment of U.S. Persian Gulf Area Command (later changed to Middle East Force in August 1948).

January 21

1954 - Launching of Nautilus, first nuclear submarine, at Groton, CT
1961 - USS George Washington completes first operational voyage of fleet ballistic missile submarine staying submerged 66 days

January 22

1800 - CAPT Thomas Tingey ordered to duty as first Superintendent of the Washington Navy Yard
1944 - Operation Shingle, Allied landing at Anzio, Italy

January 23

1960 - Bathyscaph Trieste descends to deepest part of the ocean, Marianas Trench
1968 - USS Pueblo seized by North Korean forces in Sea of Japan

January 24

1942 - Battle of Makassar Strait, destroyer attack on Japanese convoy in first surface action in the Pacific during World War II
1991 - Helos from USS Leftwich and USS Nicholas recapture first Kuwaiti territory from Iraqis

January 25

1963 - 1st Seabee Technical Assistance Team arrives in Vietnam
1968 - Operation Windsong I in Mekong Delta, Vietnam

January 26

1911 - 1st hydroaeroplane flight is witnessed by naval aviator
1913 - The body of John Paul Jones is laid in its final resting place in the Chapel of Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD
1949 - USS Norton Sound, first guided-missile ship, launches first guided missile, Loon.
1960 - USS John S. McCain rescues the entire 41-man crew of the sinking Japanese freighter, Shinwa Maru, in the East China Sea.

January 27

1942 - USS Gudgeon is first US sub to sink enemy submarine in action, Japanese I-173.
1945 - Commissioning of USS Higbee (DD-806), first U.S. Navy ship named after women member of U.S. Navy.
1967 - Fire in Command Module at Cape Kennedy during simulation countdown. Lunar Module Pilot LCDR Roger B. Chaffee and two other crew members died.
1973 - Paris Peace Accords signed, ending U.S. participation in the Vietnam War

January 28

1778 - Second New Providence Expedition raised the flag with thirteen stripes over Fort Nassau.
1960 - Navy demonstrates value of moon communication relay, used in fleet broadcasts.
1962 - USS Cook (APD-130) rescues 25 survivors from after section of Panamanian tanker, SS Stanvac Sumatra, which broke in two in the South China Sea
1986 - Space shuttle Challenger explodes killing CDR Michael Smith, USN, and 6 other astronauts

January 29

1914 - U.S. Marines land in Haiti to protect U.S. consulate
1943 - Beginning of 2 day battle of Rennell Island after which U.S. transports reached Guadalcanal

January 30

1862 - Launching of first turreted warship, USS Monitor
1968 - Tet Offensive begins in Vietnam

January 31

1944 - American amphibious landing on Kwajalein, Marshall Islands
1961 - Lieutenant Commander Samuel Lee Gravely, Jr. becomes first African-American to command a combat ship, USS Falgout
1981 - Era of Enlisted Naval Aviators ends when last pilot retired