U.S. Fleet Forces Command Missions



Generate ready Navy forces for assignment to Combatant Commanders

Organize, man, train, and equip U.S. Atlantic Fleet and all Navy forces along with COMPACFLT.

– Execute Fleet Response Plan (FRP) using Fleet Training Continuum

– Navy Global Force Manager

– Integrate and consolidate matters concerning execution of operations, readiness, training in development of Navy shore requirements

– Lead the Fleet Readiness Enterprise

Warfighting Capability Requirements


Articulate to CNO the integrated Fleet warfighting capabilities requirements as coordinated with all Navy Component Commanders and develop Fleet Concepts of Operations (CONOPS)

Joint Operational and Planning Support


Provide operational planning and support to Combatant Commanders(e.g., COCOM to JFCOM, supporting to NORTHCOM defense and STRATCOM)

Navy Anti-Terrorism Force Protection (AT/FP)


Perform duties as CNO Executive Agent for AT/FP
Establish and implement AT/FP standards and policies for Navy units