1. Check-in Procedures. Upon arrival you will provide Admin with a copy of your orders to RSO, fill out the personal information and recall form, and receive a RSO contact card. At this time you should provide any additional information regarding your specific temporary duty, any assistance you may need, or related special circumstances. If you are on LLD you need to provide a copy of your chit to Admin during your check-in process.

2. Duty Hours. RSO's normal hours of operation are from 0730-1600, Monday through Friday. We have a Staff Duty Officer (SDO) who stands duty and is available 24 hours a day/seven days a week. During your stay the normal duty hours will consist of the following:

     a. Mondays through Thursdays. Muster at RSO (Bldg 2202) at 0730 in room 213 in the seasonal uniform of the day (Navy Service Uniform, NWU's, khakis, etc.). Since building 2202 is considered a secure building (secret and above), room 213 is the only authorized room for you to be in unsupervised without prior authorization. CELL PHONE USE IS NOT AUTHORIZED!

     b. Friday. Muster at RSO (Bldg 2202) at 0730 in room 213 in the seasonal uniform of the day (Navy Service Uniform, NWU's, khakis, etc.). ALL RSO Staff and TAD personnel that are fit for full duty WILL muster at the base gym for command PT at 1000.

3. Daily Routine. During duty hours you can be tasked with a number of tasks or assigned to work onboard Naval Station Everett in order to help support tenant command's mission readiness. To be prepared for down time be sure to bring any Navy study materials for in rate training, NKO courses, or personal study material for any off-duty education you may be attending. The object is to contribute to the Navy and yourself and utilize working hours effectively to do both.

4. Appointments. As previously discussed, it is your responsibility to inform the RSO chain of command with regards to any appointments you may need to attend, need assistance with making, or that may take you away from RSO during your normal duty hours, hours of command PT, or quarters. Medical appointments / transferring personnel are required to bring medical and dental records, as applicable. Transportation to appointments using Government Vehicles will be authorized the use of ferry passes. If a personal vehicle is used, all cost will be paid by the member. RSO chain of command should be informed of any medical appointments that are outside the local area (i.e. Bremerton) in order to coordinate the use of Government Vehicles. Personnel who do not receive a non-availability of government transportation statement prior to utilizing their POV are not entitled to reimbursement.

5. Disciplinary Actions. Remember you are a Sailor in the United States Navy and are responsible for your actions. Although only TAD/TDY to RSO, you will still be held accountable for your actions under the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the Manual for Courts-Martial.

6. Note. You are required to adhere to all U.S. Navy personal and professional standards. You are required to notify the TAD Coordinator, Mustering PO or SDO of ANY Incidents or inability to make musters and assigned tasks. Failure to keep RSO COC informed can result in disciplinary action.