Our organization’s mission is to support TYCOM, Commander, Carrier Strike Group NINE and Commander, Destroyer Squadron NINE (COMDESRON NINE) to achieve and maintain the highest level of engineering, combat systems, logistics, medical and personnel readiness for all Pacific Northwest homeported surface force ships and other ships as directed by Commander, Naval Surface Forces (COMNAVSURFOR) and to provide any necessary support to the ships remaining in continental United States area while COMDESRON NINE deploys.


Regional Support Organization provides a wide range of services to the surface force ships homeported in the Pacific Northwest.


Plans, directs, and supervises personnel in all aspects of administrative assistance and training.

Provide a Pay/Personnel Administrative Support System (PASS) Liaison Representative (PLR) to coordinate all military personnel functions (staff personnel) with Personnel Support Activity Detachment (PSD), Naval Station, Everett.

Assist ships on behalf of COMDESRON NINE in the coordination of Temporary Additional Duty (TAD) requests, cross-decking, Temporary Additional Duty (TEMADD), PCS and other administrative actions as required.

Career Counselor

Provides DESRON NINE ships with guidance, training, and support to implement effective retention programs; and provide career counseling for individual Sailors.

Acts as COMNAVSURFOR's agent and subject matter expert for all career counseling and information related items. Conducts annual Career Development Program Management reviews and monitors the use of the Career Information Management System.

Coordinates on-site visits for the Center for Career Development, Navy Special Warfare Development Group, EOD/ND/SEAL and other special programs, detailer visits, and any other requests for site visits in support of career information and retention programs.

Electronic Maintenance


Coordinate the upkeep and maintenance of the Electronics suite for DESRON NINE units.


Provide Video Teleconferencing (VTC) capabilities for DESRON NINE, Naval Station Everett and tenant commands


Assist ships in preparing for material and readiness inspections and assessments by providing tailored training and program review in areas of Main Propulsion, Auxiliaries and Damage Control.

Interface with the COMNAVSURFOR, Regional Maintenance Center (RMC) PNW, Port Engineers, PSNS, and IMF to address engineering, technical and ship class problems.

Monitor progress of Chief of Naval Operations scheduled maintenance availabilities.

Monitor progress during Maintenance and Unit Level Training Phases.

Provide ISIC representation during engineering/material related evolutions and provide tailored training and assist visits.


Provides personnel and equipment expertise, providing medical and administrative support for ship IDCs, performing medical readiness inspections in conjunction with support from Expeditionary Health Support (EHS) San Diego.

Supervise PACNORWEST IDCs on behalf of COMDESRON NINE, assuming the function as medical department ISIC for DESRON NINE ships, certify ships' Medical Departments are medically ready for deployment, monitoring and coordinating periodic Industrial Hygiene Surveys, NAVOSH Program assessments and workplace monitoring to satisfy Yellow "E" requirements and Pre INSURV Grooms.

Ensure DESRON NINE ships' medical departments maintain the highest state of medical readiness and to respond to illness and injury. Promote and advise commands on the Green "H" Program.

Provide clinical supervision over squadron medical department personnel by periodically observing sick call, arranging emergency medical care, medical consultations and physical examinations, Medical Officer coverage, serving as Subject Matter Expert for higher authority, and facilitating patient-based training for DESRON NINE IDCs and HMs in areas related to shipboard medicine.

Operations and Plans

Serve as the scheduling agent while Providing scheduling and coordination support on all operational matters.

Liaison with COMNAVSURFOR and Commander, THIRD Fleet (COMTHIRDFLT) in the resolution of emergent schedule requirements and changes.

Serve as Training Officer Advisor and provide specialized assistance with Maintenance and Unit Level Training Phases scheduling of exercises and schools.

Supply and Financial Management

Formulate, manage and execute RSO PACNORWEST OPTAR while maintaining consumable office supplies.

Coordinate support in areas of transportation, staff spaces and equipment and emergent logistics requirements.

Provides assistance during CRAV and SMC inspections to DESRON NINE.