Command Vision, Philosophy, and Principles


We are the only Naval Beach Unit in the most technologically advanced and powerful Navy in the world. We are one-third of the Amphibious Ready Group, an elite Unit with specialized skills and responsibilities. We are the absolute best at what we do.

NBU 7 will always be ready, agile, and flexible to meet the full range of contingencies from combat to relief.


In order to maintain a high state ofwarfighting readiness, my focus is centered on three areas vital to our success: safety, training, and maintenance.

Safety: We must infuse safety into every aspect of our lives and think about what hazards can get me or my teammates hurt Our Operational Risk Management must be well thought out, and must be understood from the bottom up. ORM changes constantly, it is a dynamic process that must be re-evaluated as evolutions or operations progress; if you are confused, chances are everyone else is - stop and demand clarification. I will not tolerate safety violations nor should you.

Training: Training is the foundation for safe, effective, and efficient combat operations. We will realistically train and evaluate our teams, and be harder on ourselves than any outside evaluator. We will train as a team and as individuals; we will ensure that we can fulfill all our requirements and strive for positions of leadership and responsibility. A lack of training will lead to unskilled, unsafe, and timid operators - I want bold leaders who know what they are doing; training is the key to this.

Maintenance: Our equipment is complex and highly capable, but if it does not work we cannot do our jobs. You will adhere to all maintenance and operational procedures to guarantee a fully-functioning, operational asset. Immediately address all issues to prevent cascading casualties. Because you may take this equipment into combat, your life and that of your teammates depend on your maintenance - never forget this.


Honesty: I do not lie, cheat, or steal, nor do I tolerate those who do. I expect the same from you. Take responsibility and be forthright in your reporting even if it is bad - bad news never grows better with time.

Trust: We are a team and must trust and respect each other as Sailors and as fellow human beings. I will always let you know what I know and when I can, the "why" behind it. When I cannot, rest assured that I will make decisions in the best interests of the command - I expect you to do the same. I trust you to do your job - so do it.

Ambassadorship: We are guests in our homeport and the ports we visit. We will always make our Command and our Nation proud through our behavior, stewardship, and goodwill. Remember who you represent.

Do your best: This is the most I will demand of you. Sprout where you are planted here at NBU 7. Set your personal standards high, and grow professionally and personally. Never settle for the minimum, and if you spot a deficiency anywhere at the command - fix it immediately, or propose a solution.

As the Vanguard of Assault of any amphibious operation, we will always lead from the front with moral courage and valor in both peace and war. The world is on notice: those who threaten America's interests or dare terrorize its citizens will face the full brunt of American fighting spirit!

Christopher Roberto, CDR, USN
Commanding Officer