USS DEXTROUS is the 13th AVENGER class Mine Countermeasures Ship and the second ship in the Navy to bear the name.

The Shield is dark blue and gold are the colors traditionally associated with the Navy and reflect high ideals, excellence and the sea, the MCM 13's theater of operations. The broad arrow is red for courage and valor and war service while alluding to the ship's skillful capability to make a path to clear sea-lanes of enemy mines. The white fimbriation around the broad arrow simulates a second arrow reflecting that there have been two ships of the same name.

The crest has a triangle that represents strong support and suggests the integral part the USS DEXTROUS will serve in support of the fleet. The red Torii gate denotes service in the Korean War. The heraldic fountain, indicating clear water, symbolizes service by the prior USS DEXTROUS as a minesweeper. The wreath of laurel and palm implies honor and victory and service in World War II in both the Atlantic and the Pacific. "NEMO NOS ANTECEDIT" "NO ONE GOES BEFORE US"