Welcome to the USS RUSHMORE (LSD-47) Team! We look forward to your arrival onboard.

In order to assist with your arrival and transition, please contact the Sponsor Coordinator at sponsor@lsd47.navy.mil.
Use the Subject Line “Incoming RUSHMORE Sailor - seeking sponsor” and include the Command Master Chief as a cc address using cmc@lsd47.navy.mil.
These individuals will ensure a sponsor is assigned and that your prospective chain-of-command is aware of your plans.
Your sponsor will forward information about the ship and will find the answers to any questions you may have.

RUSHMORE is normally homeported at Naval Station San Diego, California. At the moment though, the ship is located in
Continental Maritime Shipyard for a mid-life overhaul. If you are looking at a map, the shipyard is located
just south of downtown San Diego and almost directly beneath the Coronado Bridge.
If you are reporting before June 2011, you can contact the ship at
(619) 556-3857/3820 to get directions to the shipyard.

Southern California offers a pleasant, moderate climate and many, many things to do and see,
no matter what your interests are. The base facilities and services are very robust.

As your Command Sponsor Team, we are here to help. But in order for us to do so, we ask that you contact your sponsor and let
us know if you have special needs. If your sponsor does not provide the information you need, by all means, let us know
so we can make sure your transition is as smooth as possible. We look forward to seeing you onboard.

Command Mission

USS RUSHMORE is the 7th of 8 ships in the WHIDBEY ISLAND Class. This ship’s mission is to embark Marines with their combat
equipment and vehicles, then remain at sea as an on-call force to conduct a diverse range of amphibious operations such as:
training with international partners, providing humanitarian assistance or disaster relief, executing noncombatant evacuation,
and assaulting a hostile shore. In times of both war and peace, these missions are highly relevant to the
U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Cooperative Maritime Strategy.

RUSHMORE is designed primarily to embark and operate Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) assault hovercraft, which are able up to
carry a 60-ton payload and travel at speeds in excess of 40 knots. Using this versatile craft, RUSHMORE can conduct
amphibious operations across a wider range of the world’s beaches and at much greater distances than previous
generations of amphibious ships and conventional landing craft.

Officially designated a Landing Ship Dock (LSD), RUSHMORE accomplishes her mission through the use of a well deck and ballasting system to enable the loading, launching and recovery of landing craft. After departing the ship, assault craft are directed to shore by the ship’s Combat Information Center (CIC). The ship has robust command, control, and communications equipment. It carries electronic warfare suite and surface-to-air missile launchers to protect from anti-ship cruise missile attack. It also carries a variety of machine guns for self-defense against surface threats. Using its own small boats and Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure (VBSS) teams, RUSHMORE can also conduct Maritime Security Operations, such as anti-piracy and maritime surveillance.

With a 440-foot well deck capable of holding four LCACs, a flight deck able to land and launch two CH-53E (heavy lift) helicopters, the Navy’s
latest diesel propulsion and engineering technology, advanced repair facilities, a sophisticated air defense system, complete medical and
dental facilities, and troop berthing accommodations for up to 500 embarked Marines, the warship RUSHMORE represents an
exciting and formidable amphibious and maritime security capability.

The ship has a crew of approximately 300 and is organized into six departments: Operations, Deck, Engineering, Supply, Medical, and Executive.

USS RUSHMORE is named after Mount Rushmore National Monument in the Black Hills of South Dakota. RUSHMORE was built by Avondale Industries in New Orleans, Louisiana. Mrs. Meredith Brokaw, wife of NBC News anchorman Tom Brokaw, christened the ship on May 6, 1989.

Commissioning ceremonies were held on June 1, 1991 along the banks of the Mississippi River at the River Walk in New Orleans.

Useful Information

Your new mailing address while attached to RUSHMORE:

Rank or Rate/Name
Assigned Division
FPO AP 96677-1735

You will receive a ship e-mail address after you check aboard.

Where to Report?

If you are reporting by air, go to the USO at the Airport and call the ship. We will send duty driver to pick you up.
Contact Naval Station Information at (619) 556-1011 and ask the number for Port Operations for pier location. If the ship is in port, call (619) 556-3820, and report to the Quarterdeck in the uniform of the day. If the ship is underway, report to the Transient Personnel Unit (TPU) located at Naval Station Bldg. 56.

More Information

You can learn more about the ship and the arrival procedures at the ship’s official website www.rushmore.navy.mil
 - Click  Frequently Asked Questions for reporting information
 - Click FAMILY for San Diego information links
Command Sponsor Coordinator