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Supply Department

The Supply Department has a variety of diverse jobs, which combine to efficiently carry out the ship's mission. No other department has a more direct bearing on crew morale through the wide range of services it performs. For example, the Food Service division continually strives to improve the crew's meals and also hosts special events that range from flight deck picnics to re-enlistment cakes. Postal Division receives and delivers mail wherever the ship is throughout the world, keeping sailors in touch with friends and loved ones. The main task of the Services division is to support the crew. Their duties range from offering a variety of merchandise in the ship's store and vending machines, to running the barber shop and laundry facilities. The Disbursing division continues to extend the department's efficiency while handling pay and offering additional services such as allotments and ATM's. Finally, Stock Control is the ship's financial controllers; the division tracks and distributes an annual budget of two million dollars as well as provides continual support in supplying parts throughout the ship for maintenance and repair.