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Operations Department

OE Division - "The Backbone of Electronics"

OE Division is divided into two work centers, OE02 and CSE01. Both are highly integrated within the Operations department. OE01 (Operations Electronic) maintains all Navigation, Cryptographic, and Radar equipment onboard. CSE01 (Communications Systems Electronic) maintains the Communication equipment onboard. OE mans and supports the Damage Control Locker Repair 8.

OI Division - "In God We Trust, All Others We Track."

OI Division is responsible for the daily operations of the Combat Information Center (CIC). Their primary duties are to gather, process, display, evaluate, and disseminate all information to provide an accurate tactical picture for DUBUQUE through the use of C4I systems and ships lookouts. Always manned and ever ready, they are responsible for the safety of the ship from enemy combatants through some of the busiest passages on Earth.

OT Division - "Crypto Techs"

The OT Division monitors Air, Surface, and Subsurface Warfare Areas. They operate and maintain the Anti-Ship Missile Defense and Electronic Support system (SLQ-32), the Nixie Torpedo Countermeasure System (SLQ-25), and the CHAFF Launching System (MK-36 DLS).

CG/CF Division - "Weapons"

CG03 is responsible for safely maintaining, operating, and instructing the crew in the usage of all small arms and crew served weapons onboard. CF04 operates and maintains the MK-15 Vulcan/Phalanx Close In Weapons System (CIWS). Together they keep the ship ready to respond efficiently and effectively to counter any offensive or defensive posture. Weapons is also responsible for the safeguarding of the ship's armory.

NN Division - "Navigation"

NN01's responsibilities include:
  • Fix the ship's position and provide accurate navigational recommendations during restricted water, piloting, coastal, and open ocean transits.
  • Chart preparation and updates to aid the ship in making safe transits.
  • Navigation briefs for all watch-standers involved in restricted water tranists in and out of port.
  • Collecting, collating, and disseminating weather information to all divisions during U/W tranists.
  • Filing various official logs and records, including the ship's deck logs, bridge-to-bridge log, degaussing folder, and OOD binder, as well as updating and maintaining a file of all the used checklists for various ship-wide evolutions.