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Medical and Dental Department

Dental Department

The dental department's primary mission is to ensure USS DUBUQUE and all of her sailors and embarked personnel are not hindered in accomplishing their assigned mission due to dental/oral health issues. This goal is accomplished by providing a high level of preventive, comprehensive, and emergency dental treatment. One Dental Officer and three Dental Technicians staff the dental department. The staff is highly trained to provide a wide range of dental treatments, from basic exams to emergency trauma care. The Dental Department takes pride in providing quality dental care to the men and women of the United States Navy and the Marine Corps.

Medical Department

The mission of the medical department is to promote, maintain, and preserve the health of the crew aboard ship. The discharge of this responsibility is affected by contingency planning, delivery of preventive medicine, delivery of primary medical care, maintenance of medical department spaces and equipment, and completion of associated administrative requirements. Medical department members advise the Commanding Officer on how best to accomplish the medical mission in relation to the command's overall mission. The medical department also advises all departments on matters that may affect the health and readiness of all personnel.