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Engineering Department  

Engineering Department Creed

"Where the Rubber Meets the Road"

Our mission is to support USS DUBUQUE by keeping the Fires Burnin' and the Shafts Turnin', providing Engineering services and power throughout the ship. As an Engineering team, we will strive to satisfy the crew quality of life at all times. We must always strive to mentor and train our Engineers to enhance their professional life in order to provide them with meaningful and rewarding carreer opportunities, promote and retain the best, and ensure fair and equitable treatment of all at all times.

"Mission First, Our Sailors Always"

The Snipes Lament

Now each of us from time to time, has gazed upon the sea And watched the warships pulling out, to keep this country free. And most of us have read a book, or heard a lusty tale, About the men who sail these ships, through lightning, wind and hail. But there’s a place within each ship, that legend fails to teach. It’s down below the waterline, it takes a living toll--- A hot metal living hell, that sailors call the “hole.” It houses engines run by steam, that makes the shafts go round, A place of fire and noise and heat, that beats your spirit down, Are of molded gods without remorse, are nightmares in a dream. Whose threat that from the fires roar, is like living doubt, That any minute would with scorn, escape and crush you out. Where turbines scream like tortured souls, alone and lost in hell, As ordered from above somewhere, they answer every bell. The men who keep the fires lit, and make the engines run, Are strangers to the world of night, and rarely see the sun. They have no time for man or God, no tolerance for fear, Their aspect pays no living thing, the tribute of a tear. For there’s not much that men can do, that these men haven’t done, Beneath the decks deep in the hole, to make the engines run. And every hour of every day, they keep the watch in hell, For if the fires ever fail, their ship’s a useless shell. When ships converge to have a war, upon the sea, The men below just grimly smile, at what their fate might be. They’re locked in below like men for doomed, who hear no battle cry, It’s well assumed that if they’re hit, the men below will die. For every day’s a war down there, when the gauges all read red, Six hundred pounds of heated steam, can kill you mighty dead. So if you ever write their sons, or try to tell their tale, The very words would make you hear, a fired furnace’s wail. And people as a general rule, don’t hear of men of steel, So little’s heard about the place, that sailors call the “hole.” But I can sing about this place, and try to make you see, The hardened life of men down there, cause one of them is me. I’ve seen these sweat soaked heroes fight, in superheated air, To keep their ship alive and right through no one knows they’re there. And thus they’ll fight for ages on, till warships sail no more Amid the boiler’s mighty heat, and the turbines hellish roar. So when you see a ship pull out, to meet a warlike foe, Remember faintly if you can, “THE MEN WHO SAIL BELOW.”

--Author unknown


Auxiliary Division

USS DUBUQUE's Auxiliary Division is made up of four work centers: EA01, EA03, EA05, and EA07. Auxiliary Division, or A-Gang as it is known to crewmembers onboard, carries the engineering load topside of the Main Spaces. Each work center has a particular area of expertise; hydraulics (EA01), ballast system (EA01), steam and heat (EA03), A/C & R (EA05), and diesel repair (EA07). A-Gang maintains the equipment that provides services to the crew and that are vital to the ship's mission. Machinist Mates and Enginemen come together to make up A-Gang.

Electrical Division

"E" Division sailors operate, maintain and repair all shipboard electrical and interior communication equipment (such as telephones, powered circuits, and a cable TV system). E-Division is made up of Electrician Mates and Interior Communicationmen. Their primary job is to generate and distribute electrical power throughout the ship both in port and while underway. In addition, the Electrical Division, along with Repair and Auxiliary Divisions, is also a ship's "customer service" division. That means that the division provides facilities and services throughout the ship to maintain the ship's habitability, quality of life, and operability in addition to supporting their fellow engineers. Some of the services E-Division provides are lighting, ventilation, telephones, and the ship's general announcing system. Electrical Division is an integral part of the ship's company.

Repair Division

The Repair Division remains one of the most versatile work centers onboard. R Division encompasses the Damage Controlman, Hull Technician, and Machinery Repairman ratings, with each having similar, yet uniquely separate job specifications. Shipboard systems that require welding, torch cutting, metal fabrications, or engravings will be done by R Division personnel. A Hull Technician's primary function is the maintenance and repair of the ship's structure, main propulsion plant systems, auxiliary equipment, ship's fire main, galley equipment, and the plumbing systems for every crew head onboard. The division's supervisors have specialized skills in high pressure welding. Additionally, R Division personnel are primary members of the ship's repair party organization and are proficient in all aspects of shipboard damage control including firefighting, stability, and defense against chemical, biological, and nuclear warfare. Damage Controlmen are responsible for training the ship's repair parties and for maintaining all firefighting equipment onboard. Machinery Repairmen are responsible for fabricating parts for the ship, as well as all engraving jobs.

P-1 and P-2 Divisions

The Machinist Mates that make up the two propulsion divisions onboard work in one of the two main machinery rooms. They deal directly with the main engines, ship service turbine generators, distilling plants, boilers, and numerous pumps and condensers through out each MMR. The Hole Snipes that man these spaces are directly responsible for providing electricity, fresh water for quality of life, and the propulsion of the ship. These sailors are deemed the hardest working onboard and tasked the greatest of responsibilities. If the Snipe ain't Groovin', The Ship ain't Movin'!