Two versions of the War History were sent to me. One by Charles Hutchison and the other by Stan Woods both of V-2.

In preparing the War History for reproduction, it was necessary to retype all of the narrative because of the condition of the original versions.

During this retyping, every effort was made to remain faithful to the original wording. In rare instances, corrections were made to obvious spelling errors and typing omissions or other mistakes.
Due to time and stamina constraints, no effort was made to retype PART II, APPENDIX although some page renumbering was necessary.

If the process of retyping has resulted in a clearer copy with fewer errors, it is due to careful proofreading by my wife Phyllis.

Complete credit is given to Lt.(jg) RALPH. W. KEITH as the author of the War History. To what extent he relied on others to assist him in this endeavor, I do not know other than his credits list Lt. (jg) JOHN HIGHFILL and Ens. ROBERT WOOCK for the work done on the cover. I have been informed that LCDR WARREN DAUM our Supply Officer collaborated with Lt. KEITH on the project. From a notation I have found, I believe that much of the typing work was done by Y3c ROBERT W. NINNEMANN of "K" Division. It is my understanding that men of the Storekeepers Section of "S" Division produced whatever final copies were made. RADM Durgin observing Flight Ops on CVE93 Bridge
It is my hope that the efforts of these men so many years ago and my limited contribution now, will provide you with a record of the MAKIN ISLAND's cruise that you can enjoy yourselves and pass on to your children and their children.

In the passage of time, very little has been recorded or remembered about the gallant and honorable service rendered by the Escort Carriers during World War II and in subsequent actions in Korean and Viet Namese waters.

I recommend to you the works of William T. Y'Blood especially his "The Little Giants" (Escort Carriers Against Japan) which is available at libraries and through the U.S. Naval Institute, Operations Center, 2062 Generals Highway, Annapolis, Maryland 21401.

I also suggest that you consider supporting the Escort Carrier Sailors and Airmen's Association (1100 Holly Ln., Endicott, NY 13760). One of the purposes of this organization is:

"To foster, perpetuate and memorialize the small aircraft carriers known in Navy terms as AVGs, CVEs, ACVs, TCVEs, AGMRs, by causing a museum to be established to store memorabilia and portray the history of each of these Escort Carriers and a monument to be erected to honor these ships and the men who made the supreme sacrifice while serving in them."
Gus Youngkrist
Pompano Beach, FL
November 1991

Revised 1 January 1999
Las Vegas, NV