Capitalize on our 2012 maintenance and training opportunities to deliver readiness for sustained operations at sea.

• Be positive
• Be part of the team
• Do it right the first time
• Treat others the way you want to be treated
• Take care of yourself, your shipmates and your family
• Take action when it doesn’t look right


We are USS RODNEY M. DAVIS. We will keep our ship combat ready and team centered - always.

I am committed to steering our ship towards excellence while building a positive environment which thrives on mutual respect, pride in workmanship, teamwork, and high energy. I want each of my crew to succeed personally and professionally, surpassing even their own expectations.

What I ask from my crew is that they complete each and every assigned task to the very best of his or her ability, are morally sound in action, communicate well, are brilliant on the basics, live a healthy lifestyle, and appreciate their fellow shipmates. Remember that we all volunteered for a wide range of reasons, but at the core we have that same desire to be a patriot and part of something bigger than ourselves. Being part of a team that is the fastest, the toughest and the smartest…now that’s cool.

Professional development is a leadership priority. A crew that is well trained, educated and qualified is a team that knows their ship and her capabilities. We must ensure that every shipmate has the greatest opportunity to advance through the ranks to earn greater responsibility and pay. We owe this to each other and to our families.

Going to sea in ships is inherently dangerous – we must not increase that danger by making poor decisions or failing to identify possible safety issues. Do not assume that someone else has thought about possible consequences of an action – including the Captain! You may save a shipmate from serious injury or death by simply alerting someone when “it doesn’t look right.” We must continue to mature in our ability to identify hazards, apply risk management and fix discrepancies.

The cost of rework stinks – and is a major loss of our valuable time. Doing a high quality job the first time by following established procedures is a culture we must fully embrace. Additionally, we must be good stewards of limited resources by efficiently planning and using materials wisely.

There will be many challenges and adventures to experience together. Prepare yourself and your team confidently for excellence each day. As shipmates, we will accomplish amazing things.

By Valor and Arms…Hoo Yah Bold Runners!