CrestShip's Crest 

Like all heraldic Navy insignias, THACH’s crest has special meaning. The blue and gold colors are traditionally associated with the Navy; blue for the sea and gold for excellence. The pair of wings in the upper crest refers to Admiral Thach’s contributions to naval aviation as a pilot and leader. One of the contributions to naval aviation as a pilot and leader was his invention of the "Thach Weave," symbolized by the interlaced silver chevrons. This two-plane fighter tactic, used to cover each other from enemy fighters, is still used by fighter aircraft today.

The three-pronged trident is shown pointing down from the sky, symbolizing naval aviation’s role of projecting power from the sky and the sea. The three tines of the trident also represent Fight Squadron Three, the unit Admiral Thach commanded during early Pacific carrier battles in World War II. The cross within its outlined border and the wreath refer to Admiral Thach’s first and second awards of the Navy Cross and the Navy Distinguished Service Medal.

The anchor in the center of the insignia focuses attention on the nautical nature of both Admiral Thach’s service to his country as well as that of our ship. The ship’s motto, “Ready and Able,” is representative of Admiral Thach’s preparation and success in battle, as well as the challenge for today’s Sailors serving on board USS THACH.


USS THACH (FFG-43), homeported in San Diego, California, is the 37th ship of the Oliver Hazard Perry class of guided missile frigates. It is typically assigned to Destroyer Squadron SEVEN located in San Diego.

THACH's mission is to provide anti-air, anti-surface, and anti-submarine protection for carrier strike groups, expeditionary strike groups and other military and merchant shipping. The ship is also capable of operating independently in support of counter-narcotic operations, maritime interdictions against afloat terrorist assets, and other special mission profiles on the high seas. Utilizing its organic Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure team and SH-60B Seahawk helicopter detachment with forward-looking infrared radar, the ship has the capacity to locate, track, and intercept targets far over the horizon.

The new direction for the naval service remains focused on our ability to project power from the sea in the critical littoral regions for the world. Success in the asymmetric warfare environment of the 21 st century requires thorough evaluation, rapid decision-making and almost instantaneous response to any postulated threat. The systems aboard THACH have been designed to meet these demanding and dynamic prerequisites, and to do so with minimum human interface. The ship’s weapons include a 76mm rapid-fire gun, Close-in Weapons System (CIWS), and anti-submarine torpedoes. The LAMPS MK III video data link system brings state-of-the-art computer technology to the warfare arena, as well as integrating sensors and weapons to provide a total offensive and defensive weapons system.

In addition, computers control and monitor the gas turbine engines (the same engines installed on DC-10 aircraft) and electrical generators. Digital electronic logic circuits and remotely-operated valves are monitored in Central Control Station which initiate engine start and result in a "ready to go" status in less than ten minutes.

The heart of the ship, though, is the crew. High technology systems demand skilled technicians and professional leadership to be effective. The concept of "minimum manning" means, simply, that with professional Sailors, THACH can meet the challenges of modern naval warfare with approximately half the crew found on other ships comparable size and capability.

Ship Awards
Traditional Mounted Navy Ribbon Set
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Joint Meritorious Unit:  5/16" Oak Leaft Clusters: None
Navy Unit Commendation: 3/16" Brz Star:  None
Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation:  3/16" Brz Star: 4 Brz Stars
Coast Guard Meritorious Unit Commendation:  5/16" Star: None Silver O: No
Navy E: Devices:  2 E's
National Defense:  3/16" Brz Star: 1 Brz Star
Armed forces Expeditionary:  3/16" Brz Star: 2 Brz Stars Brz Arrowhead:  No
Southwest Asia Service:  3/16" Star: 1 Brz Star Marine Corps Divice:  No
Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary:  3/16" Brz Star:  None
Global War on Terrorism Service:  3/16" Brz Star: None
Humanitarian Service:  3/16" Brz Star:  1 Brz Star
Navy Sea Service:  3/16" Star: 2 Sil 3 Brz Stars