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BMBoatswain's Mate: This enlistment program option enables men and women to eventually qualify for one of several Navy ratings (skill specialties) through on-the-job Seaman Apprenticeship training. The program also offers apprenticeship training in a rating that may not be available at the time of enlistment. After completion of recruit training, enlistees in the Seaman Apprenticeship Training Program attend a three-week course on basic theory in shipboard operations and evolution's. After successful completion of this training, Seamen are usually assigned to shipboard duties where the Navy needs them the most. Seamen can request and may receive on-the-job training in a rating that they are interested in, qualified for and is available at their first command by completing correspondence courses and personal advancement requirements. They must also be recommended by their commanding officer for the Navy rating they desire. Seamen may also attend Navy schools to learn about general damage control, shipboard fire fighting, preventive maintenance of special equipment, and the use of special tools used in the rating they are working in or seeking.

What They Do: The duties performed by Seamen include: serving as helmsmen and lookouts; repairing, maintaining and stowing equipment in preparation for underway operations; working in non-engineering divisions of the ship or station; standing security watches while in port and under way; operating sound-powered telephone systems; doing temporary duty for 90-120 days with food services divisions or compartment cleaning; serving as a member of damage control, emergency and security alert teams; participating in naval ceremonies; taking part in underway replenishment (transferring supplies from ship to ship at sea), working with qualified personnel to gain job training and experience.

ASVAB Score:
VE+AR+MK+AS=175 or MK+AS+AO=135

Other Requirements: High school diploma graduate or equivalent. Have no record of conviction by civil court for any offense other than minor traffic.

CTCryptologic Technician - Technical: CTT's perform a variety of specialized duties associated with processing of airborne, shipborne and land-based radar systems and associated signals. Operate Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) receiving, direction finding, recording and related computer equipment, sophisticated state-of-the-art radar electronic equipment, magnetic or digital recording devices, analysis terminals and associated peripheral equipment. Perform a variety of duties associated with computer equipment, video display terminals, computer interface consoles and non-morse communications systems.

What They Do: Duties performed by CTT's include: Operate sophisticated, state-of-the-art, electronic receivers, signal modifiers, magnetic recording devices and associated peripherals in the collection of airborne, shipborne and land-based radar signals; Operate collection equipment as crewmembers onboard Navy land aircraft to provide tactical and strategic electronic intelligence (ELINT) to forward-deployed units in support of fleet operations; Operate collection and analysis consoles as direct support augmentees on surface and subsurface and as permanently assigned personnel on surface collection platforms to provide ELINT support to forward deployed unit commanders; Apply analytical knowledge and techniques in the formation of technical reports and briefs for operations departments at shore support facilities in continental United States, Hawaii, Japan, Spain, Great Britain and various remote sites throughout the world; Perform state-of-the-art technical analysis of radar signals/systems to produce technical reports and briefs for local and national level agencies and provide naval and national database maintenance; Create and maintain technical databases, files and technical documents associated with prescribed duties; Routinely works with highly classified and technical material in support of national security.

Working Environment: CTT functions are performed primarily indoors at various shore activities and on board ships, submarines and aircraft. Personnel may expect clean, orderly working spaces, frequent contact and coordination with others and technical supervision as required.

ASVAB Score: VE+MK+GS=162 AEF: AR+MK+EI+GS=223

Other Requirements: Must have normal hearing. Security Clearance, (TOP SECRET) Requirement (SSBI). Must be U.S. citizen.

Notes: SSBI originated at RTC. Both the applicant and his/her immediate family members must be U.S. citizens. A waiver for U.S. citizenship requirement for immediate family may exist due to a compelling need. Only DONCAF may authorize this based on CT ECM's recommendation for severely undermanned CT branches. Moral turpitude offense(s) are generally disqualifying. Personal security screening interview will be conducted by a Naval Security Group Command special representative. Former members of the Peace Corps are not eligible. Must be a high school graduate or equivalent (GED, CPT, home study or other equivalency). If not a diploma graduate, applicant must provide a high school transcript verifying successful completion of the 10th grade.

OSOperations Specialist: Function as plotters, radio-telephone and Command and Control sound-powered telephone talkers and maintain Combat Information Center (CIC) displays of strategic and tactical information. Operate surveillance and altitude radars' Identification Friend or Foe (IFF), and associated equipment. Serve as Air Traffic Controllers for helicopters and fixed-wing supersonic jet aircraft. Serve as watch supervisors and section leaders; interpret and evaluate presentations and tactical situations and make recommendations to supervisors during watch conditions. Apply a thorough knowledge of doctrine and procedures applicable to CIC operations contained in U. S. Navy Instructions and Allied or U.S. Navy Publications and procedures necessary for radar navigation contained in Naval Oceanographic Office publications. Provide to the command technical information and assistance related to Anti-Surface Warfare, Anti-Air Warfare, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Amphibious Warfare, Mine Warfare, Naval Gunfire Support, and search and rescue operations, and other matters pertaining to the Operations Specialist's area.

What They Do: The duties performed by Operations Specialists include:

plot a ship's position, heading, and speed; operate common marine electronic navigation instruments including radar systems; provide target plotting data to the combat information center based on information received from target tracking devices.

Working Environment: Operations Specialists usually work in a clean, air-conditioned electronic equipment space or computer room, and frequently perform their work as part of a team, but may work on individual projects. Their work is mostly mental analysis and problem solving. USN OSs are stationed primarily aboard USN deploying ships, TAR OSs are stationed aboard Naval Reserve Force (NRF) ships that deploy or conduct local operations. Upon completion of the course, OSs will be able to plot a ship's position, heading, and speed; operate common marine electronic navigation instruments including radar systems; and provide target plotting data to the combat information center based on information received from target tracking devices.

ASVAB Score:
VE+MK+CS=157 or AR+2MK+GS=210

Other Requirements: Must have normal color perception. Must have normal hearing. Must have no speech impediment. Security Clearance, (SECRET) Requirement. Must be U.S. citizen.