Message From the CO

06 May 2010

From: Commanding Officer, USS CHUNG-HOON (DDG 93) USS Chung-Hoon (DDG 93) - click to see larger image

To: Prospective Shipmates and Friends of CHUNG-HOON


Aloha! If you have found this page, then there's probably a good reason for your interest in this great ship. USS CHUNG-HOON is the ship - our crew brings her to life. Our philosophy is mission accomplishment by professional sailors. We are a team of professionals who gets the job done - always. We are proud of our heritage and our direct connection with CDR Chung-hoon and the crew of USS SIGSBEE. SIGSBEE was excellent throughout WWII, and extraordinary on 14 Apr 1945. SIGSBEE fended off numerous Kamikazes and successfully battled damage caused by one which got through.

Their honor, courage, and commitment that day is an inspiration as we move through our days. If you have orders to CHUNG-HOON . congratulations and e komo mai (welcome)! We look forward to your arrival and your opportunity to join our team of professionals. Please consult the reporting information in this web page.

If you have questions do not hesitate to contact the Command Master Chief, the Executive Officer, or me. As you prepare for your tour in CHUNG-HOON, think about your professional and personal goals. We will discuss these together when you report for duty. As you get ready to step aboard, prepare to hustle! In no time you will be a CHUNG-HOON professional sailor - and we don't move slowly. We will provide training, education, maintenance challenges, and fun. It will be hard work, but it is an important job and you are joining one of the best ships in the fleet. I hope you are as excited about serving in CHUNG-HOON as I am having you join our crew.

If you know a Sailor aboard CHUNG-HOON . you can be very proud of his or her honorable service in our nation's Navy. This great crew is carrying out the ship's motto (Imua e na Koa Kai, or Go Forward Sea Warriors) as we represent our Nation's interests in distant corners of the world. Keep watching this web page. We will provide updates that show your CHUNG-HOON Sailor in action; see if you can spot him or her in our family and friends section - there are lots of pictures of our Sea Warriors in action.

If you are intrigued by the name . we proudly serve aboard the first United States Ship to carry the name CHUNG-HOON. Our country is a melting pot of cultures, and our ship and crew are evidence of that. Our namesake, Rear Admiral Gordon Pai'ea Chung-Hoon, was the first Hawaiian-born Admiral in the United States Navy. You can learn more about his life and service to our country on this web site. We are extremely proud to carry this name, and to maintain close ties with Admiral Chung-Hoon's family and beautiful island home. We are "Hawaii 's destroyer" and want to foster a close relationship with our homeport community.

Imua e na Koa Kai , Imua e CHUNG-HOON!

S. S. Erb

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Sponsor Coordinator

Aloha! from your Command Sponsor Coordinator. I want to be the first to say welcome aboard shipmate! You are reporting to one of the Fleets finest Destroyers. This is a challenging assigment, but it is a great ship and I am sure it will be very rewarding for you. Please browse the website for information about the command and check out our electronic Welcome Aboard Package below for information about Hawaii and reporting aboard. If you need a sponsor contact me via email. I look forward to seeing you on the deckplates.

Imua E Na Koa Kai!

Welcome Aboard Package

Congratulations and welcome aboard Sea Warrior!  You have orders to "Hawaii's Destroyer", one of the newest Flight II Destroyers in the fleet, and the best if we may say so.  On this page you will find a vast amount of information pertaining to Hawaii, Pearl Harbor, your transition, and the services available to military service members in the Region.  If you are having problems contacting the ship or your sponsor you can reach us here.  We look forward to you joining the Chung-Hoon team, Imua E Na Koa Kai!

Frequently asked questions about reporting onbaord and moving to Hawaii.

General information about Pearl Harbor

The Fleet and Family Support Center, FFSC, is here to help you with everything from Deployment Support to Financial Awareness and Stress management.

Is your spouse or a dependent looking for a job in Hawaii?  Check out the Joint Employment Management System, JEMS to search for jobs.

Are you wondering what kind of school your keiki, children, might attend?  Check out the Navy Hale Keiki School and the Navy School Liaison Service for more information.

If you have pets there is a waiting period for entering the islands.  More information of the waiting period and how you can shorten it are available on the Hawaii Department of Agriculture page.

A number of local colleges work with the Navy College office to help you start or continue your education.  Check it out here.

Hawaii is home to a state of the art medical facility, Tripler Army Medical Center, one of the best in the Pacific.

Here is some informaiton about relocating to Hawaii.

Learn all about what Hawaii has to offer the military right here.