Welcome Aboard

Orders to SHOUP

When SHOUP receives your orders, you will be assigned a sponsor from your division who will contact you and send you a welcome aboard package. Your sponsor will assist you with everything needed to make your transition to SHOUP as smooth as possible. Sometimes, because you are in the middle of a move, attending school, or are out of the country, your sponsor may be unable to contact you. To expedite the sponsor assignment process, you can e-mail our sponsor coordinator at sponsor@ddg86.navy.mil as soon as you receive your orders. Be sure to include your name, rate, rank, estimated date of arrival, a mailing address for your welcome aboard package, and any other applicable contact information.

How do I contact the ship?

The ship can be reached by commercial phone number 425-304-5030. Which will connect you to the quarterdeck. Please be aware that while underway this phone number will not work. If you are unable to contact the ship by phone, you may contact the ship at the following email address (CMC@ddg86.navy.mil).

Reporting to SHOUP will be easy! Naval Station Everett is located approximately 45 minutes north of Seattle, and about 1 hour north of Sea-Tac International Airport. If driving, follow Interstate 5 North to exit 192, Naval Station/Port of Everett. Look for Pacific Avenue and turn left, then turn right onto West Marine View Drive. Follow the green road signs to Naval Station Everett, on the left. For access to base, you must have a valid military ID. To drive on base, your car must be registered with the Department of Defense. If you need DOD stickers, stop by the Naval Station Quarterdeck, to the right of the main gate. You will need a valid driver's license, proof of insurance, vehicle registration, and a military ID to register. For those who are not driving, public transportation is also available, and usually costs about $50 for a ride from the airport to Naval Station Everett. To avoid travel costs, be sure to ask your sponsor to arrange to have the command pick you up.

What should I bring?
Ensure that you have a complete seabag when you arrive. You should report in the seasonal dress uniform, or service dress blues. SHOUP usually changes from blues to whites in April and from whites to blues in October. Please understand that personal storage space onboard a destroyer is limited. Each person generally has an under-rack locker and a stand-up locker for hanging items.

Where can I go for local information?
Information about relocation, housing, community services, schools, and various other aspects of life in the Pacific Northwest can be found here.

What if the ship is not in port when I arrive?
If you have been unable to contact SHOUP via your sponsor and are scheduled to report to SHOUP while the ship is not in port, you must report to Transient Personnel Unit (TPU), located in Naval Station Everett. Check in at the Quarterdeck and ensure that your orders are endorsed, then report to TPU. Quarterdeck personnel will direct you if you need assistance. TPU is where personnel are assigned temporary duty until the ship returns. TPU will keep personnel informed about when they should expect to meet the ship, either in a foreign port or when the ship returns to Everett.

For more information, contact the Naval Station Everett Quarterdeck at 425-304-3366.