Welcome to the USS O'KANE (DDG 77)

The USS O'KANE's (DDG 77) homeport is located in beautiful Pearl Harbor, HI, one of the Navy's best  homeports.

After checking onboard, make sure you visit the local sites. To help you do this, the MWR Navy Hawaii has many tours available, several of which provide most cases transportation  if needed.  The MWR has everything from surfing lessons to gamming competitions, with something happening almost every week.

Pearl Harbor is also home to the largest NEX built thus far. Everything from clothing, uniforms, food, computer equipment to car detailing and salon services can be found in one easy to reach location.

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 -  O'Kane Sponsor E-mail: Sponsor.21951@ddg77.navy.mil

 -  O'Kane's Quarterdeck - (808) 471-0741

 -  Contact the Command Master Chief:  Phone Inport (808) 471-1984 and underway (808) 653- 7693
Email: cmc@ddg77.navy.mil

Your address when you check onboard will be:

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USS O'Kane (DDG 77)
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