Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When does my sea pay start?
Upon checking onboard. For amount, please visit

When do we get underway/deploy next?
Please contact your sponsor or the sponsor coordinator.

Where do I report if USS DECATUR is underway?
Report to 32nd Street Naval Station Transient Personnel Unit (TPU), BLDG 3142/Burton Hall (dry-side) to coordinate further travel arrangements.

May I get a tour of the ship prior to my report date?
Absolutely, please contact your sponsor to make arrangements to ensure the ship is in port.

I have not received a Welcome Aboard Message, or I have not been contacted by my sponsor who do I contact?
Please contact the sponsor coordinator.

Do I need to report in uniform?
Yes, you are required to report onboard in Service Dress Blue/Dress White. However, if you are meeting the ship will we are underway you will be instructed on what to wear before you travel to meet the ship.

Is there a gym onboard?
Yes. We have a Weight Room and Cardio Workout Room onboard.

Where should I look for a place of residence for my family and I?
Please contact you sponsor, they should be able to point you in the right direction. An abundant amount of information regarding schools, crime rate, amenities, community, price range, etc. can be found online.

What pier is the ship berthed at?
Contact your sponsor for up to date information or security upon entrance to Naval Base San Diego as they have a current listing. You may also call base information at (619)556-1011.

What items should I bring with me to the ship if it is pierside or I'm being flown out to meet the ship?
Bring a full seabag and any personal hygiene items you may need. For more ideas or questions about specifics, please contact your sponsor.

Will I be able to contact my family while underway?
Yes. The ship has email and U.S. Postal Service onboard. USS DECATUR is also equipped with a Sailor Phone.

If something happens to a family member while I'm underway and they need me, what should they do?
Have them contact the American Red Cross. They are able to contact the ship if the service member’s family is in distress.

How do I get a Command Ball cap?
The Commanding Officer will present you with the Command Ball Cap upon your check in.

How do I get Unit Identification Markers?
The Command Master Chief will issue E-6 and Below UIM for your Dress uniforms.