Congratulations on your orders to USS WILLIAM P. LAWRENCE (DDG-110). Welcome aboard! I am the Commanding Officer and wanted to welcome you to the crew. The ship is named for a modern Navy hero, Vice Admiral William P. Lawrence, USN. A pioneer of naval aviation in the jet age, Admiral Lawrence was a prisoner at the infamous Hanoi Hilton during the Vietnam War for over six years after being shot down in 1967. He went on to become Superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy, Commander U.S. THIRD Fleet, and Chief of Naval Personnel. He touched the lives of thousands of officers and Sailors through his lessons on leadership, honor and perseverance while on active duty and in retirement. Together, we will continue to honor the legacy Admiral Lawrence left; his spirit is alive in this ship and we will take it to sea to serve the Nation.

During Admiral Lawrence’s time as a POW he lived by the motto “NEVER GIVE IN!” which we carry on as our mantra. Keeping this in mind, we will train as we fight and we will NEVER GIVE IN! I expect positive leadership and personal mentorship from everyone everyday. As creative leaders, fostering an environment for professional and personal development we will succeed. I look forward to your arrival as it is an honor and privilege to serve with each and every one of you. NEVER GIVE IN!

CDR W. C. Mainor