• Critical Information

    Look at your orders and determine what your accounting data is for your current location. It is crucial for you to understand what you are entitled to depending on your accounting code and location. The PCS/TDY handbook link will go through each of the different accounting codes. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact your PSD or us to help explain.

    To help make your life easier, read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page and the PCS/TDY Handbook. The FAQ page provides answers to common questions asked by newly reporting personnel. The PCS/TDY Handbook contains very important information about your pay and entitlements during a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) or Temporary Duty (TDY). Knowing this information is critical to the well being of you and your family. If you have any questions about any part of your orders or the pre-commissioning process, don’t hesitate to contact the Precom Detachment.

  • Contact Information
    Mailing Address:
    Your Rate/Name
    P.O. Box 7003 PASCAGOULA, MS 39568

    Unit Office #: (228) 935-6894
    CDO Phone #: (228) 366-3410
  • Where to Report

    If you arrive in the area between 0700 and 1530 Monday through Friday, report to the Pre-commissioning Unit (PCU) building, which is located in Northrop Grumman Ship Systems Office Complex/Administration Annex Building.

    After working hours, report to the barracks at the Lakeside Naval Support Facility (NSF) located on Chicot Road and contact the Command Duty Officer (CDO) at (228) 366-6152. You must report to the PCU the following workday. Uniform of the day is required when reporting aboard during working hours.

    If you require travel assistance, you must contact the PCU in advance, in addition to informing your chain of command of your travel intentions. We are here to assist you.

  • Uniform

    The uniform of the day is Summer White/Winter Blue for E6 and below and Service Khaki for E7 and above. The working uniform is coveralls (E6 and below) and coveralls(E7 and above). Uniform of the day is typically required for schools.

    While coveralls are the working uniform of the day, it is not authorized to wear to and from your residence or to and from work.

  • Flying Into Pascagoula

    If you fly into Mobile, Alabama or Gulfport, Mississippi, transportation to Pascagoula is limited. Basically, there are two options:

    (1) Let your sponsor know your arrival time and flight number. They will meet you at the airport and provide transportation to the PCU, Lakeside, or hotel, as appropriate. This is the recommended option.

    (2) Take a taxi directly into Pascagoula. This option will cost between $40.00 and $60.00, and should be your last resort.

  • Driving to Pascagoula

    Pascagoula is about 45 minutes west of Mobile, AL, 45 minutes east of Gulfport, MS, and about 2 hours east of New Orleans, LA. From Interstate 10 east, take Highway 61 south into Gautier (pronounced “Goshea”). From 61 south, go east (left) on Hwy 90 approximately 9 miles. From interstate 10 west, take Hwy 63 south towards Pascagoula. From Highway 63 turn right onto Hwy 90 and follow the directions provided below.

    If you are going to the shipyard: (0700-1530): From Hwy 90, you will see a sign for Ingalls Shipbuilding and Naval Facilities. Take the right off-ramp (true for both eastbound and westbound traffic) and continue south toward the shipyard, staying in the right-hand lane. At the second light, follow the main road as it curves to the right. Pass through the security checkpoint and continue straight. As the road turns to the left, you will see the West Bank Administration Annex Building, which houses the Pre-commissioning Units. Park in any designated/unreserved parking space and report to the personnel office on the 1st deck.

    If you are going to the NSF Lakeside CBQ: (1530-0700) From 90 eastbound, continue on Hwy 90 past the shipyard. Continue past the hospital on your left to the next light, which is Chicot Road. Turn right on Chicot Road. About one half mile down on your left, you will see a park, a lake, and then NSF Lakeside. From Hwy 90 westbound, turn left on Chicot Road and follow the directions above.

  • Getting Around in Pascagoula - PCU WILLIAM P LAWRENCE will provide shuttle service as required to transport personnel between the PCU offices and Lakeside CBQ.
  • Housing and Lodging

    Bachelor Housing: Combined Bachelor Quarters (CBQ) are located at Naval Support Facility, Lakeside Manor approximately four miles from the Shipyard. The facility accommodates E-1 and up. The majority of personnel reporting to PCU WILLIAM P LAWRENCE will live in the CBQ barracks. The address of the CBQ is:

    3500 Chicot St.
    Pascagoula, MS.

    Telephone (228) 938-6861


    Housing Welcome Center: The Navy Housing Welcome Center is the central resource for community housing. The Housing Referral Office (HRO), part of the Welcome Center, maintains up-to-date listings on available rental and sales units in the community.

    Government Quarters for families are available in the Pascagoula area. The housing project, Sandhill Landing, consists of 160 three and four bedroom units situated about 12 miles from the shipyard in the city of Gautier. At present time, the waiting list for Family Housing is very small and chances are good for crewmembers to get into these brand new homes with little or no wait, depending on when they PCS into the Pascagoula area.

    The earlier the Family Housing Manager receives the completed application for family housing, DD 1746, along with a copy of the members Page 2 and a copy of their orders bringing them here to the area, the earlier he can get them on the waiting list and hopefully, move them in upon arrival. For more info, contact the housing manager, Mr. Jim Veary:

    Family Housing Manager
    Naval Construction Battalion Center

    Most personnel who are authorized to live out in town choose to live in Ocean Springs, Gautier or Pascagoula. OPNAVINST 11101.21 directs all military personnel to report through the Housing Referral Office (HRO) prior to negotiating any agreement for community housing. This requirement was established to assist you, on an individual basis, in locating suitable nondiscriminatory housing within a reasonable price range and to advise you in advance of those places where occupancy by military personnel is not authorized or recommended. The Navy Housing Welcome Center is located at:

    Naval Construction Battalion Center Code 20.1
    5290 CBC Blower St
    Gulfport, MS 39501

    0700 to 1630, Monday through Friday.
    Telephone (228) 871-2586

    Temporary Family/Bachelor Housing: The Housing Referral Office also maintains listings on temporary accommodations for occupancy during house-hunting trips or for brief periods (motels, trailers, efficiencies, and apartments are available for weekly or monthly rentals, including utilities). AVAILABILITY IS LIMITED.

  • Household Goods - For information on household goods shipments, call Keesler Air Force Base, Household Goods Shipment Office, A/V 597-3212 or commercial 377-3212. Keesler Air Force HHG personnel will see you by appointment only.
  • Medical/Dental - Active Duty And Dependent Care

    Medical care is available at Naval Station Pascagoula for active duty personnel, military retirees, and their dependents. Call (228) 761-2363 (DSN: 358) for appointments. Except in emergency situations, patients desiring hospital or clinic services at Keesler Air Force Base (in Biloxi) must make appointments by calling 1-800-700-8603.

    Dental care for active duty military personnel is available at the Dental Clinic, Naval Station Pascagoula. Emergencies are treated any time. Branch Dental Clinic phone: (228) 761-2395, DSN: 358-2395.

    Local Hospital And Medical Facilities Jackson County is served by a host of medical facilities that provide a wide scope of care. The following facilities are part of the Singing River Hospital System. More information

    NOTE: The information below is provided for reference only and the listing of these facilities on this web site does not indicate or suggest that they are approved TRICARE providers:

    Ocean Springs Hospital
    3109 Bienville Boulevard
    Ocean Springs, MS 39564
    Telephone: (228) 818-1111
    Hospice of Light
    Telephone: (228) 497-2400
    The Heart Institute
    Telephone: (228) 809-2367
    Singing River Hospital
    2809 Denny Avenue
    Pascagoula, MS 39581
    Telephone: (228) 809-5000
    The Regional Cancer Center
    Telephone: (228) 809-5251
    Women's and Children's Services
    Telephone: (228) 818-2126 and (228) 809-5292
    Diabetes Wellness Center
    Telephone: (228) 809-5109
    MedWorks Occupational Health Program
    Telephone: (228) 809-5415
  • Navy Family Service Center

    NFSC Pascagoula provides numerous information and referral services. These include crisis intervention and after-hours Navy Relief assistance. In addition, relocation and spouse employment assistance are also available. The NFSC's Hours of operation are from 0800 to 1600, Monday through Friday. Telephone (228) 497-4281, AUTOVON 358-2096.

  • Pascagoula Frequently Called Numbers - COMM: (228) xxx-xxxx
    Base Information 871-2555 Housing Referral Office 871-2586 Combined Bachelor Quarters 938-6861 (Comm. only)
    Household Goods 871-3000 (Gulfport) 379-9314 (Keesler) Family Service Center 871-2581 Child Care 871-2323
    Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society 871-2610 Health Benefits Advisor 871-2821 Red Cross 762-2455
  • Other Information There is a full size Exchange and Commissary at Keesler AFB in Biloxi and Naval CBC Base in Gulfport. For additional information on the Pascagoula area and support services
    Jackson County School District
    Pascagoula High School
    (228) 938-6452
    Gautier High School
    (228) 522-8790
    Moss Point High School
    (228) 475-5074
    East Central High School
    (228) 588-7000
    Trent Lott Middle School
    (228) 938-6469
    Gautier Middle School
    (228) 522-8808
    Ed Mayo Junior High School
    (228) 475-3243
    East Central Middle School
    (228) 588-7009
    Colmer Middle School
    (228) 938-6475
    College Park Elementary
    (228) 522-8830
    Magnolia Junior High School
    (228) 475-7517
    East Central Elementary
    (228) 588-7019
    Arlington Elementary
    (228) 938-6223
    Gautier Elementary
    (228) 522-8824
    Charlotte Hyatt Elementary
    (228) 475-2171
    Beach Elementary
    (228) 938-6428
    Singing River Elementary
    (228) 522-8836
    East Park Elementary
    (228) 475-9866
    Central Elementary
    (228) 938-6559
      Escatawpa Elementary
    (228) 474-3300
    Cherokee Elementary
    (228) 938-6549
      Kreole Elementary
    (228) 475-3719
    Eastlawn Elementary
    (228) 938-6432
    Orange Lake
    (228) 475-7348
    Jackson Elementary
    (228) 938-6554
    West Elementary
    (228) 475-4515
    Lake Elementary
    (228) 938-6422
    St Martin High School
    (228) 875-8418
    Vancleave High School
    (228) 826-4701
    Ocean Springs High School
    (228) 875-0333
    Mercy Cross High School
    (228) 374-4145
    St Martin Junior High School
    (228) 392-2410
    Vancleave High School
    (228) 826-4701
    Keys Technology Center
    (228) 872-0031
    St. Alphonsus Catholic School
    (228) 875-5329
    St Martin Upper Elementary
    (228) 392-9152
    Vancleave Middle School
    (228) 826-5902
    Ocean Spings Middle School
    (228) 872-6210
    Bethel Christian Academy
    (228) 762-7537
    St Martin North Elementary
    (228) 392-1387
    Vancleave Elementary
    (228) 826-5982
    Taconi Elementary
    (228) 875-4367
    Grace Christian School
    (228) 762-4144
    St Martin East Elementary
    (228) 875-3204
    Magnolia Park Elementary
    (228) 875-4263
    Resurrection Catholic School
    (228) 762-7207
    Oak Park Elementary
    (228) 875-5857
    Pecan Park Elementary
    (228) 875-2851