COMPHIBRON 7 Public News Releases


08SEP09  ARG/MEU Loads for Initial Integration

28NOV09  Versatile Sailors Bring LCU 1665 to Life 

15SEP09  BHR Amphibious Ready Group Deploys to Execute Maritime Strategy

25DEC09  NIOC Team Shapes BHR ARG Understanding of the Maritime Domain

02OCT09  Bohomme Richard ARG enters 7th Fleet

29DEC09  BHR Celebrates Pacific Islander Heritage at Sea during the Holidays

05OCT09  USS Cleveland, USS Rushmore Arrive in Guam for 1st Port Call

29DEC09  New BHR ARG Commander Assumes Duty in Ceremony at Sea

18OCT09   BHR/11th MEU Arrives in Timor-Leste for MAREX-09

15JAN10  Bonhomme Richard ARG Sailors, Marines Resolve to Stay Fit on Deployment

18OCT09   Cleveland and Rushmore  Executing Maritime Strategy in Indonesia


17JAN10  Cleveland Completes Maritime Infrastructure Protection Exercise

20OCT09  BHR ARG Sailors Visit Timor-Leste Orphanages

18JAN10  Bonhomme Richard Celebrates Legacy of Dr. King

20OCT09  Bonhomme Richard Project Handclasp Reaches out to Timor-Leste

29JAN10  Bonhomme Richard Sailors Shine Boots in Honor of Shipmate's Father

20OCT09  BHR ARG/11th MEU Soccer Team Scores Good Relationship with Timor-Leste  

01FEB10  ESG 5 Commander Visits Bonhomme Richard

22OCT09  BHR ARG/11th MEU Paints School in Timore-Leste

02FEB10  Bonhomme Richard Welcomes "Avatar" Cast

23OCT09  Indonesian Officials Visit USS Cleveland

03FEB10  First Time on Navy Ship; Army National Guard Unit's CO Visits Rushmore

24OCT09  BHR ARG Provides Needed Care in Indonesia

17FEB10  Cleveland, Marines Participate in Maritime Defense Exercise

25OCT09  Rusmore Marine Runs Marine Corps Marathon at Sea

24FEB10  Bonhomme Richard Celebrates Supply Corps Birthday

27OCT09  Rushmore and Cleveland Arrive in Singapore for Port Call

02MAR10  Nassau ARG Relieves Bonhomme Richard ARG in 5th Fleet

28OCT09  Milwaukee Native Impacts Lives in Timor

04MAR10  Bonhomme Richard Celebrates One Year of Social Media Success

29OCT09  Bonhomme Richard ARG Arrives in Phuket for Port Call

04MAR10  Rushmore, Cleveland Arrive in Thailand for Port Call

03NOV09  Sailors and Marines from Bonhomme Richard ARG team Up for Community Service Projects in Thailand

15MAR10  Bonhomme Richard Departs Malaysia after Successful Port Visit

03NOV09  Cleveland Sailors and Marines visit Singapore's Elderly

16MAR10  Rushmore Arrives in Japan for Goodwill Visit

03NOV09  Rushmore Volunteers Clean Up Grounds in Singapore

21MAR10 Return and Reunion Workshops Prepare BHR/MEU for Home

10NOV09  Bonhomme Richard Amphibious Ready Group Departs 7th Fleet

10NOV09  Bonhomme Richard Amphibious Ready Group Enters 5th Fleet

23NOV09  AGs Play Essential Role in BHR ARG Amphibious Operations

24NOV09  ESG-5 Commander Visits Cleveland, Rushmore at Sea

27NOV09  BHR ARG Sailors ACU 1's First Women to Live Aboard Deployed LCU